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Ways to Hide the Scratches on Your Phone Screen


Your phone screen can get scratched despite all your efforts to the contrary. We present simple ways to fix your screen.

Coins, keys, sharp-edged visiting cards in your pocket, or the metallic or hard plastic contents of your bag – all of them conspire to scuff and scratch your phone. You probably had a screen guard on your phone screen for a while, but it came off after a few weeks or months. So your phone screen is now essentially vulnerable to scratches.

The problem is, most scratches are permanent in nature. Metallic objects like coins, pins and keys often scratch the screen. Whether the scratches are small or large, they are still visible, especially when the screen lights up.

But replacing the screen can often become cumbersome and expensive. So, we present 5 ways to tackle your phone screen scratches:

Go to the phone’s service center. The most obvious thing to do is to head to your phone’s service centre to get their opinion on fixing the screen. For instance, if you go to the Motorola service center, your phone screen is studied in detail and it may be fixed with a brand new screen at a nominal cost. The authorized Motorola service center will fit the new screen perfectly and assure you of genuine parts.

Brush the screen with paste. Many people try DIY hacks for phone screen scratches. Here’s a simple one that works on small and new scratches: dab some toothpaste on the scratches and rub it into the scratch with a cotton bud. Rub the bud in circles on the scratch. Gradually, you will see the scratch go away. This hack cleans out the dirt trapped in the scratch and also blunts its edges. So, the scratch appears smaller than before since it levels out a bit. Be sure to use non-gel toothpaste and wipe off the excess with a cotton cloth

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