Want to Know How to Merge Two GSuite Accounts: Dig In Here!

How to Merge Two G Suite Accounts

To manage two G Suite accounts in an effortless manner, most of the people decide to merge them. However, merging G Suite accounts along with the data migration service is a complicated task. Users are not able to find a reliable yet simple approach to merge two GSuite accounts by combining data of one G Suite account another new G Suite account. Therefore, to make it hassle-free for the users, we are going to introduce two different techniques to merge Google accounts with a stepwise solution.


There are two ways to perform this task:

  1. An automated approach to combine Google Apps account – 100% Safe
  2. Join Google Apps Account for multiple users one by one.

What Can Be The Reasons To Combine Two G Suite Accounts / Domains?

There can be multiple reasons due to which one has to merge two GSuite accounts. These reasons may vary from one person to another. However, the two common reasons due to which users combine G Suite accounts are:

  • Alteration in Domain
  • Limited Storage Space

Check Out Tricks to Merge Two GSuite Accounts

In this section, we are going to discuss a manual as well as an automated technique to combine Google Apps accounts. One can opt for any of the methods according to the requirements.

Technique 1: Combine Google Apps Account with Another Account Via Google Takeout

With Google Takeout one can easily download data associated with G Suite account to the local system and can upload the data to a new account. To combine Two G Suite accounts via this manual approach, the user needs to follow the steps given below:

1. First, open Browser > Sign In into Gmail account
2. Now, in a different tab, you have to open Google Takeout. You will see Download your data page
3. In the Select Data to Include option, you need to select the data which you want to combine during merge process and click on the Next button
4. After that, select the type of file in the File Type option in which you want to download G Suite data. Select ZIP/TGZ format as per your choice
5. Now, in the Delivery Method option, select Send Download via Email/Add to Drive/ Add to Dropbox/Add to OneDrive option according to your requirements. Here, Send download via emails option is selected
6. Next, you have to click on the Create Archive button
7. A new page will appear in which you will be able to view the status of the backup process
8. Select Manage Archive Option > Download

Demerits of Manual Approach: Google Takeout to Merge Two GSuite Accounts

  • Google Takeout does not permit the user to download files owned by another person.
  • One cannot export the folder shared with the user in Drive, even if the files created by the user are present in the folder.
  • The user can create 2-3 archives/day via Google Takeout.
  • When the size of the data to be downloaded is too big then it may end up with partial downloads.
  • One can download only 50GB/day. Also, one cannot download data for multiple users at the same time.

Is There Any Reliable And Error-Free Approach?

Yes, the user can rely on an automated approach to combine Google Apps accounts. Just switch to Technique 2 to merge G Suite domains in a hassle-free way.

Technique 2: Combine Two G Suite Accounts via G Suite Merger Tool

To merge two GSuite accounts without any issues such as data loss, formatting, security breach, etc. the user can opt for SysTools G Suite Merger software. With this utility, the user can easily join one Google accounts with another Google account.

The software is capable combine Google Apps account with another account or domain by joining G Suite emails, Google contacts, Google Drive documents, Google Calendars in an effortless way. The software is integrated with a user-friendly interface and numerous features. Some of the amazing features of G Suite Merger Tool are:

  • Permits to join one G Suite account with another G Suite account in a seamless way
  • Capable to merge emails, contacts, calendars, Google Drive documents while the merge process
  • To move single or multiple G Suite users to new domain one must have Admin Credentials
  • Renders Date-based filter to combine selective G Suite data to another G Suite account
  • Allows to assign priority to the user while combing two Google accounts
  • Provides report in CSV format with all the details related to merging process
  • Integrated with multiple options to implement Source and Destination User ID mapping

Final Words

Most of the users prefer to merge or combine Google Apps accounts as it becomes difficult to manage multiple G Suite accounts separately. Thus, in the above-mentioned section, we have explained the manual and automated approach to merge two GSuite accounts.

To join one Google account with another Google account in an effortless way, it is recommended to opt for an automated approach.