Each morning the sun brings a new day with its bright rays. A new day that creates an endless ripple of freshly seeded thoughts, ideas, dreams, creativity, and aspiration and hope. To nurture those newly born ideas and dreams, one needs to wake up without any stress and cherish the beauty of sunlight. The only way to do so is to wake up a warm and luxurious bath.

But, if your bathroom is unrefined and without any creative taste then you are surely doomed to have a bad day. Just imagine a bathroom which is beautiful and creative. A bathroom that appears as fresh as a new day. A bathroom that is equipped with unique bath-ware like freestanding bathtubs and counter top basins. These kinds of bath-ware are new and contemporary form of bathtubs and basins. Freestanding bathtubs and counter top basins can be an ultimate choice if you are a person that loves to appreciate beauty and yet believes in practicality.

If you look at the practical use of having freestanding bathtubs and counter top basins then you should consider the installation first. Unlike built-in-bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs are not attached to wall. They can be placed anywhere in the bathroom—at the corner, near a wall or even at the centre of the bathroom. On the other hand, counter top basins are placed on a counter supports the basin. They are not mounted to wall and hence give you bathroom an even appearance. Secondly, both freestanding bathtubs and counter top basins are easy to clean. All you need is a soft cloth to wipe them.

You may have seen freestanding bathtubs in spas. Generally spas use freestanding bathtubs for a more dramatic and luxurious look but another factor is that these bathtubs are made of materials that keep the water warm for a long time. You too can have a spa day at home with your freestanding bathtubs and some aromatic oils. Pamper yourself by enjoying your bath for a longer time period. You can literally relax and rejuvenate while the warm water washes away all your stress. Your search for luxurious bath experience ends at freestanding bathtubs, Perth.

Counter top basins are generally found in hotels. It’s because these basins hold more water and prevents water from splashing. This reduces the task of wiping off water from the floor. So, if you are person who loves splashing water on your but is too lazy to wipe off the wet floor then counter top basins are apt for your usage. Moreover, they also make a style statement through their modern and distinctive designs. Bring style home with the stylish counter top basins, Perth.

Bring home, the variability of freestanding bathtubs and counter top basins in terms of shapes and design. These bath-wares can be oval, square, rectangular, circular or even egg shaped. There is no limit when it comes to creativity and design. Then, why should you limit your choice to old and traditional forms of bathtubs and basins? Worry no more about your friends and guests walking into your bathroom. Let freestanding bathtubs and counter top basins speak for your elegant choice and appreciation for creativity. Now, you can redefine your home with freestanding bathtubs and counter top basins available in Perth from Luxe Collections.