Volunteer Trips

Volunteer Trips For Students And Young Adults


The Hope Homes is making an effort to grow in light and take away the darkness.

What would make the world a better place? Equal vision is a good way to start, this is what sum drishti is.

The Hope homes take the initiative to get these hopes fulfilled forever. The Hopes Homes uses revolutionary earthbag technology to help the dreams prosper. This technology is a blessing for those who live in continuous fear that their house is not safe.

World top most popular volunteer tours

Volunteer tours help the students to get to the places where we can make the impact. Student volunteer trips do the wonders. You can also become a part of volunteer trips for young adults and help the community and at the same time enjoy yourself.

  • Brazil Volunteer Tour

Immerse yourself in the Rio de Janeiro culture where over the course of 14 days you will be volunteering at a daycares center in a Rio de Janeiro favela and getting know locals. This will help you to resolve their problems to some extent.

  • Zambia

If anyone loves animals, adventures and national parks then Zambia is the best tour for them. The Hope Homes would make the tour special. It helps children to preserve those habits and also the significance of preserving local animals. This best part of this tour is you won’t leave Africa without canoeing, safaris etc.

  • Cambodia

Just two weeks of volunteerism helps you to make a significant impact on the lives of locals of Cambodia. You get to know more about the culture and traditions of Cambodia while you are helping the locals to make their life’s better.

  • Sierra Leone

Within 10 days you can experience the real adventure trip by visiting various towns and green farms. You can also help the local citizens while at the same time enjoying at the rainforests, relaxing at various beaches and while enjoying the various local cuisine.

  • Kenya

Kenya is the best place to the fun. You will experience various unforgettable sceneries, wildlife. Helping the locals and making their life’s better while at the same time enjoying various wildlife creatures.

  • Costa Rica

Preserving the sea turtle’s eggs and various sea turtle project is the main objective of this project. Along this enjoying at many beaches and visiting canes and taking part in various adrenaline sports. There are lots of thing which makes this trip special.

  • China

This tour makes us to experience iconic places of China like the great wail of China, TiananmenSquare and terracotta. At the same time,we help the locals by working at organic farms and helping the locals to improve their lives and working at panda breeding centers.

  • Sierra Leona

The small group of volunteers will experience true adventure at this place. They were visiting local towns and farms. While helping others they enjoyed chances such as exploring the rainforest and relaxing on the beach.

  • Thailand

You will be traveling from Phuket to Bangkok by involving yourself in the culture and trekking to hill-tribe village.

So, get in touch with The Hope Homes and get going!

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