Video Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019
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Video Marketing Trends To Follow in 2019


Digital marketing trends and techniques never remain static. Almost every year, new lists of trending techniques emerge, albeit most of them advocate similar concepts. Video content is an integral part of your marketing strategy, but what we have in store for you here does not emphasize on telling why it’s crucial. Instead, we will move right into the current innovative video marketing trends and see how these inclinations can be incorporated into your marketing strategies.

Trends we have listed here will surely help you sustain your marketing goals in the long run. However, the implementation phase will require you to have a stable internet connection for obvious reasons. So, connect your PC or smartphone to Spectrum Internet right away before you delve into incorporating the current video marketing trends in your strategies. 

Video Marketing Trends

Live videos

Online channels were once dedicated to live streaming. After Snapchat introduced the trend of uploading Stories (short video clips), social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook adopted the same. According to Livestream, smartphone users preferred watching live videos in 2016. The number was relatively lower in 2015 but it has gradually increased. So, if you want to showcase your brand’s offerings on social media the most affordable and engaging option is to do so through live videos. 


Running an online blog has become too redundant. People prefer video over textual content. In a fast-paced world, keeping up with updates by spending time at reading lengthy blog posts is out of the question. Vlogging channels gained popularity through YouTube. While the concept of Vlogging is somewhat similar to blogging, it is done in the form of short videos whether the purpose is to review, tutor, display products, or share lifestyle tips, etc. The Vlogging trend is becoming more and more mainstream as the number of online influencers resorting to it for marketing purposes as well, continues to increase.

Video-based searches 

Search engines are not limited to text-based content or images only. Google’s search engine algorithms can now crawl through videos and align the results with a specific search query. Since searchable videos have not become the norm, marketers are still exploring the ins and outs of this trend. However, Google has just announced they will use AI to identify video snippets collected through search queries. The snippets will then be auto-played on the search console. This new trend in search engine optimization will grow rapidly and will allow brands to have more chances to gain visibility online.

Engaging 360-degree videos

Panorama views and virtual tours are the best way to travel or real estate agencies to showcase their services. An alternative similar to Panorama views is a 360-degree video. Facebook offers the option to turn static visuals into 360-degree videos although it does not work for every content type. Thus if for instance, you have a Facebook Page related to travel, you can capture pictures in the landscape mode and use this feature to turn the picture into a 360-degree video without ruining the scenic beauty. 

Focus on authentication 

The visual appeal of a video or image does matter but you need to humanize your content so it does not look fake to the viewers. Most marketers fail to understand this concept. Never boast about how your brand and its products or services compare to the competition. That will tend to impact your audience negatively.

Instead, the approach you choose should focus on how selecting your brand will benefit your customers. It does not matter if you are low on budget, you will still produce a high-quality video if the content carries an air of authenticity. 


Not every marketing trend is meant to stay for good. The same can be said for video marketing and its continuously changing trends. One day video snippets will help in traffic generation but there is no guarantee this trend will not die out sooner or later. What matters is how every marketer and analyst grasps the core concepts of the current trends and employ their power.

Or you can experiment with new ideas, who knows you might as well come up with a trending video marketing idea of your own. Do not hesitate from testing out new possibilities or shy away from change in this digital era. Because if you do, you will be left out from the race of digital progress.

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