Very Easy Steps for Configure Wifi Extender


Wi-Fi Extender (official name is Repeater-Repeater) is a simple way to link by pressing the WPS button on the router and then pressing the WPS button of the range expander. If the low price sharing router provided, it may not support the WPS function.

What basically a Wi-Fi range extender does is – it picks up the wireless signals from your routers and then broadcasts the signals further beyond the router’s range to eliminate the No Wi-Fi zones (dead spots) in your premises. The key requirements for any new extender setup are the network name of your current network and the password key of the same.

This post will show you how to set up the Wi-Fi range expander wired for router users who do not support WPS. Most of the range expanders are dual-band product that supports both 2.4 GHz but not all. If you have a WPS button (function) on your wireless router, you can switch between the two.

How to configure your Extender:

Using wired LAN, you need to connect a range expander and LAN port of PC using LAN cable. One extra cable is included when the expander is purchased.

Get started by connecting the expander to a PC near the electric cord.
Thereafter, connect the expander’s wired LAN port and PC LAN port with LAN cable.

Go to the web browser such as IE or Chrome of your PC and go to www.mywifiext.net.

In the user name and password field, enter the assigned username and the password. The user name and password are admin default; you can change it in the menu.

Wait around awhile to automatically detect the wireless router network. Enter your wireless router password when prompted.

Create a network name and a password for your extender and tap on “Next”.

“Tip: To avoid any sort of conflictions, assign the name that is unique from the name of your home Wi-Fi network. Also, after assigning the new network name and the password wait for a minute to actualize the changes that you have made.

Now you are ready to pair the device with the extender’s wireless network using the new credentials that you have assigned to the new network.

Prior to tap on “Continue”; ensure that the computer and the device is properly paired up with the new network.

Once you hit “Continue”; a message will pop up on your screen stating – The wireless extender is connected and is ready for use.

The further step is optional – registration step. For this, you can take assistance from www.mywifiext.net.

Now the settings are completed, and once the range expander finishes rebooting, it is ready to use.

Unplug the Range Extender from the LAN port of your PC and place it in the right place to relay the Wi-Fi signal from the wireless router in the middle.

Backup Settings for Future Use:

With the help of the backup settings option, you can create a backup file of the current extender settings. This backup file will consist of the extender’s configuration settings such as Wi-Fi settings, password etc. It’s very beneficial when you have to reset your extender’s configuration to default settings for any reason.

To take the backup, here are the steps that you have to execute:

Use mywifiext.net to get access to the Netgear Genie of the extender. You might be prompted to provide the credentials that you have set for your extender – the username and the password.

In the Netgear genie portal, go under the “settings” and tap on “others”.

Finally, tap on “Backup” and save all the settings for future use. However, make sure to remember the folder in which you will be saving this file to use it in future to restore your extender’s settings.

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