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How to Upload Videos on Facebook and Increase Visibility


The communication power of video has now become an essential ingredient in the most effective marketing strategies related to the world of the web. Find out how to upload videos on Facebook in the best way and increase their potential, thanks to the great strength of this powerful social media.

The combined use of Facebook and video is one of the best-performing pairs of online communication, motivated by a very simple principle: the high rate of emotional involvement that both tools are able to generate.

If on the one hand, in fact, videos focus on visual stimuli and fun, Facebook acts on the sense of community and individual self – affirmation. The end result is a kind of excitement and gratification that, if managed with care, can bring great results to your online communication, making viral your video content on Facebook.

How to Upload Videos to Facebook and Stimulate Attention

There are three main factors that can give you ample opportunity to see your video spread on social media: content must be valuable, exciting and must immediately capture the attention of the observer. This last point, in particular, is of considerable importance in every type of modern communication.

Social Influence – How to upload videos on Facebook and increase visibility

We live in an age characterized by a continuous overload of messages and information, which have led users to completely change the management of their attention.

Just a few seconds, in fact, to convince a person to continue or not to read an article, browse an e-book, or continue watching a video.

In the case of Facebook, the question becomes even more complex. The bulletin board of a user is invaded every day by hundreds of posts, links, promotional messages and images of all kinds, interesting or not.

To this is added the dreaded algorithm that chooses for us what to show us or not, on the basis of individual, real or presumed interests. The risk of seeing your video content disappearing under this continuous wave of messages is really very high.

Facebook: Learn to Make the Most of Your Videos

That’s why you need to use some small tricks that best explain how to upload videos on Facebook, and that is maximizing their strengths. Below you will find five Animated Presentation tips to give your content a boost.

  • Eye to size: if you can, always try to upload your videos in 1920 × 1080 format: they will be perfect to be seen even from mobile devices;
  • Search for a catchy title, and if possible accompany it with a call to action (also known as the call to action or CTA ) in which you exhort the user to visit your site, blog or just leave a comment and share;
  • Facebook allows you to add accompanying tags, which help social media identify the public who is really interested in that type of content. Take care to choose well the most significant keywords to reach your target;
  • If your video includes the presence of a speech, consider uploading an SRT file containing subtitles to the entry: the system will thus have the possibility to better interpret your topics and improve the identification of the ideal audience;
  • Choose an attractive, pleasant and original preview image that contains (if necessary) the text, but check with the appropriate tools provided by Facebook that it does not exceed 20% of the entire space. In this way, you will prevent your content from being penalized by social media.

In addition to these aspects of providing simple directions on how to upload videos on Facebook, do not forget that what really matters is the quality of content and the attractiveness of the first seconds of your video.

For this reason, in the case of video animation, it becomes vital to creating a product that is always of great value, able to stand out from the crowd and be of impact on your users. Contact us immediately to tell us your idea: we will be happy to turn it into a superlative video!

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