There is numerous treatment you can add into your facial that provides your skin very fresh look. You should use treatment during apply biotech facials on the skin. You battle with the overpopulation, and dust of each day. Free radicals, pollution & other harmful factors are conducting the war on your skin. Because of this, you require the top skin care products & facial treatments available to keep that youthful glow & nourish your skin.

There are lots of spa treatment spa provides you biotech facial treatments you will love, including oxygen facials, microcurrent facials & even European facials. Before joining any spa you should check the type of facials which keep your skin glow and best suit on your face.

Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

Gold is called to have powerful anti-aging benefits;  this will help firm, brighten, lift & even calm your skin’s appearance. We are not saying you require to do this facial treatment every night necessarily, but this anti-aging facial add-on will defiantly help her skin look radiant & hydrated, it will be the faultless complement to any facial you get at our advanced spa.

Gold Leaf Mask

The opulence just keeps getting better and better. With this 24k gold leaf mask facial add-on, you’ll get even more benefits from using gold for skin care. This facial add-on can help reduce spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, lighten your complexion, treat sun damage, and even help boost collagen. What’s not to love?

Anti-Aging Diamond Mask

This holds anti-aging properties, then we sure think so. When used as part of a facial treatment, diamonds will help tighten, exfoliate, hydrate, brighten &  detoxify your skin. With so many anti-aging benefits,  this is one of the most famous facials which are specially added to the spa.

Intensive Diamond Serum

Looking for natural skin with a vivid contour and supple, smooth complexion then apply this facial and this will give your skin an unmatched brilliance you’ll love while also offering superior hydration. Get ready to shine such a diamond along this facial treatment.
Revitalizing Oxygen Vitamin Infusion

This facial treatment is especially good after a microdermabrasion treatment or if you have dry, sun-damaged, irritated, or acne-ridden skin. This can also help new cell production, especially when you add in vitamins. When you are wanting the whole gamut of enhanced hydration, collagen, and antioxidants, this infusion at our day spa can be your best option.

LED Light Therapy

This spa service provides almost 25 extra minutes, LED light therapy is at the forefront of skin care technology & red and infrared wavelengths stimulate cell production deep underneath your skin while also improving complexion on the outermost layer. By using this top skin care product, you can improve texture and tone, and you can even help raise collagen production for a smoother, more youthful glow & complexion.

Hydro-Magnetic Mud Mask

If you follow skin care online or even just follow celebrity Instagram accounts, we are sure you have seen mud masks here and there. Putting mud on your face may seem counterintuitive initially, but we promise the advantages of this facial treatment.

These above treatments are perfect for your skin and you can easily apply on your skin to make your facial better for your skin.