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Many people across the globe love to travel and explore various places nationally or internationally. As travelling is something that provides recreation and refreshment and also it is a stress buster as we perform something that is really unique than normal days. Moreover planning a trip along with the family escalates the bonding and moreover, it helps in discovering different cultures followed by various groups across the world.

So to make your travel much more comfortable and long lasting there are many trip management agencies that render best services. Also, many are interested in travel software development to lessen their work.

Short Insights:

Many apps are available in the app store that represents various business domains. Our travel management software/travel app development company not only deals with booking flights, Cars, and accommodation.

It also exceptionally deals with organizing travel partnership with hotels, airlines, cars and hiring companies and other apropos services.

Why We?

We at IT Solutions feel cheerful for setting our foot into the travel software development. Our travel app developers are adept at designing simple to use and easy to understand solutions.

They build solutions that easily fit your business requirements. Dedication and passion are the primary reasons that make us remarkable from others.

App Features

  • Customer Reservation
  • Online Ticket Reservation
  • Ticketing System
  • Tours & Travel
  • Routes
  • Hotel Booking Feature
  • Tour Management
  • Report Generation

Customer Reservation

Your customer can log in to the system with valid credentials and search for the required services from the list provided in the app. This feature enables your customer to view the list of services based on the categories like flights, cars, buses, and hotel etc, registered in the application. This feature lets them select the service and view the respective fare charts.

Your customer can view and reserve/book the services based on the categories by making payment. Once the services are booked/reserved, they receive booking/reservation confirmation message by SMS / Email.

Efficient Travel App Development Company Solutions at Your End!

Streamlined Process.
Automatic e-ticket Support.
Requesting Electronic tickets for Air Bookings.
Creating Multiple Trips.
Tracking Expenses for the Trip.


Calendar: To notify the user regarding their trip.
SMS gateway integration: To notify your customers regarding the confirmation of the reservation.
Payment channel integration: To enable your customers to pay for the services.
Email integration: To enable your customers to log in through the email.
Google Maps Integration: To enable your users to have access to the location.

Review overview

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Android App Development5
iOS App Development 5


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