Transportation how to move around Florence?


When going on a trip to another city the subject of transport tends to confuse more than one. However, most of the time the problem is only in our mind.

Since exposing ourselves to the movement of the place, using the different means of transport existing and asking the locals, yes with prudence and caution, we will see that actually move in the new site is a piece of cake.

But we understand that not everyone going out into the unknown is attractive and that it is better to be warned and find out as best as possible before traveling. Therefore in this guide of the capital of Tuscany, we will tell you about transport in Florence and thus we will clear your doubts.

In Florence there is a nearby airport, 10km away. It is mainly an airport to which domestic flights arrive, because it is a regional airport. However, it has a few flights from other European countries. You can get to it from the city through cars, taxis or buses. If you need a larger airport and with more destinations, there is the city ​​of Pisa .

Communicated with Florence via a railway line and by bus lines, the distance from Pisa airport to Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence takes around an hour.

The trains in Florence are ideal to enter and leave from there to other adjacent cities. However for the tourist who wants to know the city, this means of transport is not very useful, since its routes do not go through the historic center of the city.

The most important train station in Florence is the Santa María de Novella, located just five minutes from the city. In the square that houses it you will find the main bus lines of the city and the stops of most urban units.

The buses in Florence are plentiful, in total there are almost a hundred lines in this bus network. For night trips within the city you have at least four of those lines.

To buy tickets or bus tickets do it at stations or kiosks. Although for a Florence open bus tours you can buy them in the same bus.

The helmet of Florence is enjoyed walking. So, if your goal as tourists is to know that area, take advantage of the numerous pedestrian routes and get rid of traffic and the stress of getting parking without getting a ticket.

Even if the hotel is not close to the city center , it is better to get there by bus than by car. It is different if your purpose is to visit several cities in the region of Tuscany. In this case, driving by car, owned or rented, is advantageous.

Cars for Rent in Florence

Finally, it must be said that the taxi service in Florence is not cheap. Actually it is one of the most expensive in Europe.

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