Top Reasons of Data loss


MacOS, this is the operating system which every professional prefer to use when it comes to security. They are secure indeed but when it comes to data loss then how to cope up with these type of unwanted situations? Data loss can happen any time and anywhere. Even if you are using your machine then suddenly it may start to malfunction. 

There are several reasons behind the data loss. such as, System or hardware malfunction, Hard drive failure, Human errors, Software failures, Viruses and many more.

According to a survey which was conducted by the data experts, they concluded that “more than two fifth users of mac loss their precious data just because of hardware failure or system malfunction. But both of these are the most common causes of data loss system malfunction can start just after a power surge.” There can be more than two reasons behind hardware failure such as, controller failure, electrical failure and head crash.

Tips To Avoid Data Loss due to these errors.

Always use power backup such as uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to minimise the risk of data loss due to electricity failure.

Always handle your Mac with care, because these are very delicate and they can be damaged easily. 

Keep your Mac in dust free areas and always choose a low traffic location for it.

Human Errors

Believe it or not, most of the times we humans are the main reason behind losing our data because we always loss our data due ignorance of deleting or formatting the data we don’t mean to use. We humans most of the time remain in hurry to finish our work on or before deadlines. So, in hurry sometimes we delete our important file before checking the trash of our computers and Mac.

Another error which happen because of our negligence because unwillingly we cause physical damages to data bank devices by falling or dropping them on the floor accidentally.

OS or Software Corruption

OS (Windows) generally gives you pain in the head when you prefer to use pirated copy rather than buying an original copy from the developer. Almost we all have experienced OS corruption. When it occur, machine or programs which we are using shut down suddenly without any reason and you may loss your precious office document on which you were working for your office presentation or editing a picture.

Use Good Anti Virus

We know viruses and malware slow down your computers and also able to steal your banking details. Even in fact, viruses and malware spread in our pc just like wild fire which can cause partial or complete damage to the important data.

So, it is advised to always have a good anti virus installed in your device and always keep it updated to minimise data loss risk.


We all are aware about that we if we delete something from our Mac then it directly does to trash bin and anything which is in trash bin can be restored to desktop. But data deleted from trash bin can’t be recovered easily and process of Mac Data recovery is complicated which everyone can’t perform because you need to be master in tech field.

In case you don’t possess any technical skill, then you can use some data recovery software.

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