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Top Online Security Threats Your Business May Face


The security of your company is something that you need to take seriously in this modern age within which we live. There are some common ways that companies are attacked through cyberspace, where hackers are looking to steal information and gain access to your systems. Below are some of the most common ways that your business may get attacked, so you must have measures in place to combat these threats effectively.

Online Security Threats

Phishing is where an entity poses as another reputable entity such as a bank or online service, and one of the most common ways to do this is through email. Emails are sent out asking the recipient to click on a link where they will be taken to a convincing website and requested to enter their login details. Once you have logged in, your account has been compromised, and you need to report this and contact the real service provider to lock down your account and ensure that no further damage is done. These emails can be convincing, but legitimate companies that hold sensitive data about you will never contact you via email and ask for this confidential information.


In a similar way to phishing, ransomware is often delivered to a computer through email or visiting infected websites, and this can happen to individuals as well as businesses. Once your computer has been compromised, you will usually receive a message telling you that your system has been locked down and if you do not pay, all your data will be deleted. They will often ask for a Bitcoin payment, and they promise to release your system once payment has been made. If your business experiences something like this, you will need to contact cyber security consultants based in Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia, immediately as the clock is ticking and you could lose all your data.

cyber security consultants based in Sydney


Most hackers are opportunists and they target companies and individuals that have weak online security. You will need to ensure that everyone within your organisation uses strong passwords and it is also a good idea to change these on a regular basis. To help prevent hacking you will want to ensure that you have a network firewall and also make sure that you have procedures for adding and removing access, as well as regular training for your members of staff. 

#Insider Threat

One of the most significant risks that your company will face is an attack from the inside, which can often be very hard to trace. Disgruntled employees pose one of the biggest threats to your business, and it is something that you always need to keep vigilant of. To help combat this you should have regular training for key members of staff to try and spot a potential threat from inside, and you may also wish to limit how much access people have to systems if they do not need it to do their job. 

Staying safe online is a constant battle for both individuals and businesses, and with the technologies changing all the time, you must keep up to date with all the latest developments. If you do not have things already in place to protect both you and your customer’s data, you may wish to consult an expert today before the nightmare of having your systems breached becomes a reality.

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