Top Features To Look For In Your Advanced Pattern Recognition Software

Advanced Pattern Recognition Software

The advanced pattern recognition software is a predictive tool that is a crucial component of any plant operation. While nobody can predict the future 100%, companies can look at historical data to come up with future patterns. For instance, you can detect the ebbs and flows of your operation by charting past events. Using an advanced pattern recognition solution will help you achieve this with ease and accuracy.

It will also screen and check your systems to make sure that the health index is at an optimum condition. It can also allow you to make a quick diagnosis by merely looking at the figures and visual graphs. But there are multiple pattern recognition software products out there, so how do you know which one to pick?

Here are the top features that you should look for first if you’re in the market for an advanced pattern recognition solution.

1. Early Warnings

The feature allows you to minimize equipment failure and even whittle down the incidents to zero. You have three early warning levels–the Priority 3, Priority 2, and Priority 1. These are based on the health index of each equipment of the entire site. The system calculates the level of threat by comparing the values in real-time and the projected values. By scaling the priority, you can use your assets better and prevent equipment failure on-site. You will be notified of the early warning through text or email.

2. Model Builder and Executer

Using machine-learning technology, the feature will review all historical and real-time data while your plant is in regular operation. It will then come up with a pattern for when abnormalities might occur. You can also calibrate the models in terms of the duration of faults and how you resolved the problem. The latter part is crucial to make sure your operations would not be disrupted even if you have new teams around.

3. SuccessTree

You can quickly view the status of your plant systems, equipment, and subsystems through the logic tree template. With the feature, you can quickly go through the systems to determine their health index. Instead of viewing each component in a vacuum, you can find correlations and relationships. After all, each piece is part of a larger structure.

The indices are also presented in a visual format that can easily be understood by most teams. Historical data also gives you a peek of the previous events and compare them with real-time values. By tracking the past data, you can anticipate potential problems and concerns in the plant operation.

4. Health Index

The advanced pattern recognition solution will calculate the health index by looking at the difference between the real-time data and the projected model. You can apply it throughout the whole operation, systems, or each equipment. Machine-learning algorithms ensure a more accurate representation of data. The more information you input into the software, the more precise the results would be.

While data is a vital component of any organization, it would be useless if you do not know how to utilize it effectively to your advantage. The pattern recognition software will help boost productivity and minimize losses by helping you avoid major problems that can disrupt the operation.

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