Top 5 Luxurious Smartphone That You Should Buy in 2019

Top 5 Luxurious Smartphone That You Should Buy in 2019

Buying a smartphone is not a simple task. Especially when there is a wide variety of smartphone available in the market offering best in class features in accordance with the price factor. People are investing a lot of money on their smartphones and it is totally justifiable because these smartphones are helpful in carrying out the today task of everyone. One can easily purchase a feature-packed smartphone under 20k but the crazy race of having a premium smartphone is making people take a step ahead and go for something bigger and better than the ordinary smartphones.

This craze is not limited to having a premium smartphone only, people are also going crazy over the accessories. For example, a wide variety of iPhone XR cover is available today in the market because iPhone lovers are just not satisfied with the existing designs and need new options daily.

In case you are concerned about purchasing premium accessories for your smartphone, you can always rely on daily object store which offers you a wide array of cases, covers, and other accessories to protect and stylize your smartphone. Talking about the premium smartphones, if you have set your mind on purchasing one,

Here is the list of leading luxurious smartphones that you should take into concern before purchasing one.

1. OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro
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This phone offers a massive and gorgeous high definition screen which makes gaming and media playback a wonderful experience. Its in-display fingerprint scanner makes it stand apart from the crowd of smartphones. Its 6.67-inch qhd amoled screen is arguably one of the best. Powered with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, this beast means performance. 

2. Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR
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Apple iPhone XR is built in an all-screen design which makes it one of the most beautiful smartphones ever. It gives a luxurious appeal in your hand and it’s great on performance as well. This phone is water splash resistant and is secured with powerful unlock feature of Apple. The liquid retina display is one of the most advanced displays in the category of the smartphone. In order to provide it a more luxurious appeal, this phone is fabricated in an all-aluminum body. Even though it resistant to dust and water, iPhone XR covers are a great option to add to the safety of the phone.

3. Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10
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Falling under the flagship series of Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S10 is offering a beautiful big screen under a small phone. It’s 6.1-inch qhd AMOLED screen has a very little bezel around it which makes it look beautiful and practical at the same time. This is smartphone also offers 10x hybrid zoom which is a very rare feature.

4. Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro
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Huawei has entered the race of luxurious smartphones with the introduction of its beautiful p30 pro which offers a massive large screen and a long battery life. But, this phone is well recognized for its out of the box camera which has exceptional performance in low light and offers 5x optical zoom in addition to do a digital zoom that can go up to 50 x. Another great advantage is that this smartphone is powered with an AI processor. 

5. OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T
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If you are looking to spend a little bit less but don’t want to compromise on the specifications, one plus 6t is your best companion. This beautiful smartphone is comprised of 6.41 inch full HD OLED screen. This phone is built with top of the line professor which is incorporated with 6gb of ram and 128 GB of storage to keep things going on and on. 

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