Top 5 Data Terms You Need To Know In 2020

Top 5 Data Terms 2020

In 2020, every business and business owner has woken up to the reality of effective data. From being called the new ‘oil’ to a ‘goldmine’, no organization can afford to ignore data in their day-to-day workings. An organization, which is not using master data services effectively, is unlikely to be successful. Since data influences and affects the performance of nearly every vertical in your organization, it is informing businesses, both big and small, in multiple ways.

The following are some of the verticals in any business, which can be streamlined, improved and made profitable through data

  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Engagement and Relationship
  • HR
  • Growth and Planning

In this article, we are going to look at the Top 5 terms on data, which everyone should be aware of.

Top 5 Data Terms every business should be aware of The List

1. Data Collection and Data Aggregation

Data Collection and Data Aggregation

The first step involved when anyone wants to start working with data is collecting and aggregating data. This helps sort and filter the data, which is most relevant to the task. You can use master data services to help you gain a competitive advantage over your competition. An important thing to note at this point is that quality in data collection and aggregation is very important. An effective data management system helps weed out wastage and unwanted elements.

2. Data Management System

Data Management System

The best thing about data is that the same data can be used for multiple numbers of factors. The same consumer data can not only help your marketing and sales team but also your customer relationship team.

However, if you want to amplify the performance of the data, you will need a good data management system. This system helps in collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing the data, which is most relevant to your organization.

3. Data Analyst and Data Scientist

Data Analyst and Data Scientist

If there is one profession, which is ‘hot’ in demand right now, it is that of a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst. This is the individual or the team who is going to run your organization’s entire data show. Data Scientists are tasked with sorting and filtering raw data and offering insights.

A Data Scientist typically has a great grip on statistics, programming, and creativity. He or she should also understand the exact nature of your business requirements.

4. Data Mining

Data Mining

The process of finding the right data, collecting or locating the data is known as data mining. This is the work, which is headed by the data scientist in your organization. Data Mining goes through millions of algorithms that help search, sort, and filter.

The aim is to derive patterns, explore trends and make projections. Data Mining is done through complex programming and taking help from Artificial Intelligence.

5. Master Data Services

Master Data Services

Not every organization has the energy or the resources to set up their own data teams. They take help from experts who offer data services that suit all the requirements of a business. From collecting, storing to processing, data services firms can help organizations in a major way.

It should also be pointed out that not everyone has the skill or the expertise to effectively evaluate and monitor data. The people who work at data services agencies are experts at what they do. There is zero wastage of time, energy or effort from a business standpoint.


To be successful as an organization in present times requires data. The best reason that you as a company or as an owner should use data is that your competitors are also doing the same. Cross-linking data across different verticals in the organization is critical to growth and success.

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