Top 4 Technology Innovations of 2019 That Will Impact our Life

4 Technology Innovations

Many technologies are developing and it becomes very advanced. Technology plays an important in our daily life and it becomes very important for human beings. It helps people to do their work with fewer efforts and help to do anything in a short period of time. International Business Machines Corporation has announced top 5 technology that will change our lives.

Here the top 4 technologies are given that will change our lives in many ways and the way of doing work.

1. Artificial Intelligence powered robot will help to clean the water supplies in the world

In the year 2025, Water shortage is a problem that could affect the world’s population. IBM has developed the automatic robotic camera which is powered by Artificial Intelligence and it has control to monitor this behavior by giving more detail. This camera can give data which is analyzed and it gives real-time insights into the factors affecting water and marine life in the oceans and lakes.

Jeff Welser is a lab director and vice president at IBM Research, he said that they are thinking to put sensors in the internet of things everywhere. In the future, people have to face all kinds of problems related to clean water and there are microorganisms present in the water bodies. Marine life also has to face problem-related to clean water. IBM is creating a device which is low-powered because they want to save the life of a microorganism.

They do not contain lens mechanisms and other mechanical parts because of this effect but they track movements with the help of light sensors.

2. Blockchains and Crypto-Anchors fight Counterfeiter

Blockchain and crypto-anchors help the people on counterfeiting to crack down and also give security in the supply of food because no one likes knockoffs. Every year, $600 billion loss faced by the global economy because of counterfeiting and fraud but the blockchain gives control to the origin of everything from food to medicines.

The particular goods go in the hand of the consumer from production place through many hands. Because of this process, the problems of theft and tampering is taking place but the blockchain can easily eliminate this problem.

Therefore, to work we need to tamper-proof connection between the digital records and physical products on the blockchain. And crypto-anchors is helping to ensure security from identifiers who can also know as digital fingerprints at every stage. One problem in blockchain is that they can record all transactions but in some places, you have to connect the transactions to the physical object.

Hence, you have to know that the particular product got scanned is the actual product that you got.

Crypto anchors are embedded tiny codes such as microscopic codes if you want to change it then you can easily replace it with a similar one. When you put those codes in the blockchain then the supply chain is protected.

3. Lattice Cryptography

Lattices mean complex algebraic structures which will be the valuable gadget at the age of quantum computers. And more data will be collected and stored online and security will need to keep step with the developing capability of hackers. And unlimited computing power will become cheaper and available in huge amount.

Nowadays, complex cryptography is developing from 64 bit to 128 bit or 256 bit of encryption and it has the standard response that the increasing CPU power is available with hackers. If the quantum computing will be controlled by human being then there will be a battle against cybersecurity. And we have to continue with encryption and cryptography that will keep the bad people out.

The maths is so difficult to do and if anyone is trying to solve it with the help of computer then also it takes more amount of time. The computers get developed and becoming faster but we need to keep ahead from them. This is the concern of quantum computers which will be coming soon.

Lattice cryptography helps to encode the data within very high dimensional algebraic structures which are difficult for million of quantum computers to crack. It also creates a Fully Homomorphic Encryption which will help computers to control the data even it is in an encrypted form. It eliminates the security flaw inherent in existing systems where data has decrypted and it made hackers vulnerable because they can’t be processed.

For example, credit reference systems which can makes credit scoring without any personal data being exposed.

4. Bias AI will explode but unbiased AI will remain to survive

The knowledgeable AI systems are only good when the data they are trained is on and if this data was collected in a compromised way then it is not good. Experts have developed a new way to eliminate it and monitor for bias, these are the keys that create AI software which accurately changes reality. Sir Welser said that one important hope of AI is that it will help the people to make decisions in a very a less way because AI doesn’t have the human biases.

Artificial Intelligence systems will be able to make decisions with less bias but one difficulty is that it gets trained on data and if this data has the bias then AI will be biased. After reading this top 4 technology innovation we get a knowledge that why technology is good and how it helps the people.