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Top 3 Design Features for an Ecommerce Portal to be Truly Unique


Businesses in Dubai need to make sure that they are on track to attract their target audience. This is like a basic requirement as there are many ways in which it is the best way forward. A unique website is what the requirement of any business whatever the case may be. But exactly what the owner of the company means by uniqueness and whether it is the most powerful way to get the attention of visitors is the real question.

Businesses need to attract random visitors or those who have actually searched for the exact product or service they are selling. So the design need to be not only top notch but one which is simple yet attractive and eye-catching to the core. Companies working in the Dubai need to be more focused on many issues than companies operating from other cities. The competition is tough to say the least here and with the assistance of a web design dubai company having the right expertise, any company can get to the right direction.

Following are the top 3 aspects that are fundamental to the design of the websites these days for ecommerce businesses/shopping portals and can also make them unique in true sense.

  1. Ability to Customize the Website

This feature is also not a groundbreaking one but can be used by companies offering the visitors to choose the color, background and icons according their needs. While some of you may argue that what purpose it will serve, let me describe this first so that you will get the answers.

One of the basic elements of the design process is all about making the visitor happy so that he stays longer on the website. If the website will offer something to the, the visitors will spend some time on the website; otherwise they will soon leave it for good. If you will offer them a chance to customize the page they are viewing, you will give them a choice only a handful websites provide nowadays. So if you are also experiencing dwindling traffic off late, you must try this design feature and see the results yourself.

  1. 3D Features Based on AI and VR

It doesn’t matter whether your website is all about a simple product like a candy bar or you are offering a host of apparels for every age group. Incorporating 3D features into your website can be bring you amazing results. Take the example of a company offering glasses to its customers. They can use features related to AI/VR and rendering sequence for displaying the glass in all its glory. A play button can give a user the power to see a glass in 360 degrees with ability to detach a particular part of the glass and give it a 360 degree spin too.

Just like the above example, if your website will be able to give its target audience a brilliant experience, then in all likelihood you will succeed in making sure virtually every visitor will spend ample time on the website. This will automatically increase the chances for a business as a person can make up his mind in buying a product after going through the product in all the detail he can possibly see online.

  1. Use of Coupons and Discount Offer

While this aspect is not purely related to design, in a sense it is too. If we buy a product in bulk, we are able to get it for a much-discounted price. If you can advertise about your product well then you will be able to get people interested in it. A clean and visually appealing website design is what is needed to lure the visitors first in checking out the website and then the offers can be displayed at just the right time when the visitor is busy in selecting a particular piece of cloth.

Money-saving packages can be immensely beneficial for a website but only if they are able to create enough excitement in the minds of the people visiting it. A clean and elegant design can be the icing on the cake as the offers can compel any person to opt for them. A superior design will only increase the chances in this regard.

Final Word

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