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Top 3 Best Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tool

Want to write content which will drive traffic to your blog? Then how to find low competition profitable keywords which people are searching to rank higher in Google search?

That’s why you must start doing keyword research and find out the low competition, high volume keywords to drive tons of free traffic to your blog.

If you are running a website which makes money from Google AdSense program then you must find out the keywords with the highest CPC. This will help you to maximize your earning. At the same time, if you are making money from affiliate marketing, then make sure you are writing on buyer intent keywords with low competition and high volume so that you can convert more visitors into the ale.

So, the biggest effort one must put before writing any content is keyword research, How to to do keyword research effectively? Which tool is good to get accurate keyword suggestions, difficulty analysis etc?

Although there are many free keyword research tools available online, but we are going to share the best 3 paid keyword research tools to get an accurate keyword to make money from your blog.

With a free keyword research tool, you will not get accurate data. E.g. with Google keyword planner you can’t get the actual search volume of any keyword. Rather you will get in ranges.

List of keyword research tools


This is one of the most popular tools and mostly used for keyword research, rank tracker, content gap and many more features. The best part I like about Ahrefs is that you can easily find out the new trending keywords related to a seed keyword and plan content in advance and rank higher.

This is one of the advanced techniques bloggers are following to fetch huge traffic. Besides that, for a particular keyword, Ahrefs will calculate and find out how much difficult it will be to rank for that one and also how many back links you need.

But don’t take this data seriously as ranking depends on various factors and one can give your exact number of back links to outrank your competitor. But you will surely get an idea whether it will be worth trying for that particular keyword.

Ahrefs is mainly popular for showing various types of long tail keywords, keyword suggestions which is simply a gold mine for bloggers to target them,. Specially if you into affiliate marketing, you can easily find tons of such keywords using Ahrefs.


SEMRUSh is the best tool I found ever. The power is SEMRUSH is not limited within keyword research only, but you can do many more things like back link check, complete competitor analysis, SEO audit etc.

The best way to use SEMRUSH is by finding out your competitor first. You can easily find out the keywords for which your competitors are getting traffic and accordingly get the list of keywords.

Next, you can prepare better content using skyscraper technique and enjoy a better ranking over the period of time. Although there are other factors to rank high in Google.

You can easily try SEMRUSH for 14 day for free. After that, you have to pay a monthly charge of $99. But if you want more offers, then you have to wait till SEMRush Black Friday sale, as they offer 2 months of subscription free. Even though it’s looks costly, but after using this tool you will not be able to blog for a single day and it worth the cost.


This one is the one of the fastest growing keyword research tool. They showed some real fight with the competitors in this market of keyword research tool and won the hearts of many people. You will find many positive KWFinder reviews online, shared by bloggers.

The best part we like about KWFinder is that you don’t need any Google Adwords account linkage. You can simply use KWFinder interface and start looking for keywords on the fly.

The best part of KWFinder is that they will share suggested keywords and also the possible long tail keywords. In fact, they are grooming as one of the best long tail pro alternative. Long tail pro is quite slow and on that regards KWFinder is a clear winner.

So, these are the top 3 keyword research tools one must try to find out the profitable keywords. You must invest for keyword research as this is the first steps towards content marketing or blogging career. If you don’t write on low competition high volume keywords, then you will find it very difficult to fetch traffic. And in the long run, you may fail in blogging. So better to be smart and invest your hard earned money after a good keyword research tool.

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