Entrepreneur is the person who always overwhelmed with load of works like day to day task, preparing proposal for new client, client management, and managing employee and so on. With these tight schedules, if they want to achieve things that no one else has done, you need to do things no one else does would be toughest. Or even many times they confuse being busy with getting productive. But with the development of technology and right apps you can make yourself more productive while doing all other necessary task.

Here we are going to list out top known productivity apps that will helps entrepreneur to boost their productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce stress.

Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists

Do you have bundle of task on your desk? Want to organize them in proper way than you have come at right place. Clear is a simple to-do list app to organize your day. You can take list from any sources and then set a reminder of those important tasks that you don’t want to miss. Before going off, you can check this app and complete all task if anything pending. It allows checking task with swipe of a finger.


Wunderlist is another great productivity tools for to do list. No matter where you are, it allows you to manage multiple projects, planning to do list, save ideas, and even sharing a shopping with a partner. It will help you tick off all your personal and professional to-dos. It is available in iPhone, iPad, and web and even in Chrome plugin. Whenever I have an idea, I save it to Wunderlist. I use it later on whenever required.


Managing various social media accounts is time consuming task. Entrepreneurs always face this problem, what they need is a awesome platform where they can integrate all social media account and manage campaign. HootSuite fulfil this requirement, it is most widely used social media management app that allow them to manage various social media accounts and runs campaigns on multiple social platforms via a single dashboard. Additionally they can measure social campaign results, track conversions, schedule posts on multiple platforms and an in-built analytics.


SocialPilot is a leading startup platform for social media post scheduling for all famous social media account likes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & vk.com & One click mobile apps marketing tool. This tools is much customised wherein, you can easily create & schedule a post using text, images, links or a mix of all of it. After creating post, you can directly share your posts across all connected accounts.


When it comes of schedule and sharing post, Buffer is the best option. It makes that process of sharing information to audiences so much easier. You can connect as much as social media accounts with Buffer and can schedule from articles theirs throughout the day/month, automatically.


As an entrepreneur, would you have always full with long email and busy with co-workers on a project, or have all of the communications clearly organized outside of your inbox?

Asana is ultimate project management software that allows you to track and organize all of your projects, assigned team’s tasks, and communicate around that work in one place.


Graphic designing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we all need an image for business all the time.  So what you need is software or design tool that can accelerate your design process. Canva is great solutions for this; it is graphic design creation app wherein you can create, customise right from stunning Facebook headers, blog images to flyers and banners for your website and social profiles. With numerous layouts, font options, images and colour filters and high quality visuals, it nitro-boosts your visual marketing.


Feedly is again an ultimate app read, save your favorite article at one the single place. You can add your favorite site’s feed into feedly than, whenever any new published these particular blogs, it will directly show in the feedly. I can’t live without feedly.

Google Drive

Looking for a quick, adaptive and easy file-sharing solution? Google Drive is the best option apart from Dropbox. It allows us to share files among ourselves with up-to-date files at anytime and anywhere in the world. I particularly like how these two cloud-based storage services let you completely forget about synchronisation. It provides you 15GB free space which is quite higher than Dropbox (2GB).


If productivity and growth are matters to you, WinStreak is perfect match for you. Strategic Coach offer free iPhone and android app that help you to identify three “wins” you accomplish each day and set three wins to achieve tomorrow. This app helps you focus on what’s important and the steps you need to accomplish to move toward your goals.

There are plenty of other apps available in the market, but we have covered something that are most important and matters for business. Let us know which your favourite productivity tools here are in comment.