Top 10 Mobile Horror Games

Top 10 Mobile Horror Games


Halloween is the best time for lovers of mysticism, horror, and fiction. Even those who are not fans of these genres, it is difficult to resist and will not join the excitement that occurs every October on the eve of Halloween. Accordingly, in this autumn period, interest is growing not only in horror films but also in horror TV shows and all sorts of life hacking on Halloween. Moreover, horror games are also becoming popular during this period.

Also, in 2018 many games for virtual reality in this genre came out. The field of mobile games is also rich in horror films for both Android and iOS.

Today has chosen the best mobile horror games that will be great entertainment on the eve of Halloween 2018.

1. Granny

This game with the cute name “Granny” is not at all about a cute old woman who does not like her grandson. Old maniac locked you in the house and trying to kill. The only salvation is to find a way out. At the same time, everything must be done very quietly, since Granny has a very good ear. It is worth something to drop as she immediately ran.

2. Eyes – The Horror Game

Excellent atmospheric game Eyes will be an excellent entertainment for Halloween. Ghosts who crave his blood in an old labyrinth mansion inhabits the protagonist. This is the perfect Halloween game, as it has all the qualities that mobile horror games should have. Firstly, intense gameplay. Secondly – the frightening atmosphere. The third is the screamer. Your smartphone must have good performance check all smartphones prices in Pakistan.

3. Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

This is the latest of the popular series of mobile horror games about the zombie apocalypse. The main goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. Into the Dead 2 includes several options for the development of the plot, different types of weapons and ammunition, as well as a dog-companion, he will help the owner to fight with zombies, which the further the more.

4. Identity V

In most cases, mobile horror games are the attempts of the main character to survive in a life-threatening environment and escape from the monsters chasing him. But, it’s not about Identity V. It’s a game for those who don’t want to be the victim but want to be the one who’s haunted. Here everyone can choose the mode and character for which he will play. Characters are divided into two categories: Hunters and Survivors. Accordingly, the Hunters hunt, the Survivors survive.

5. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

This is a mobile horror puzzle game that will take you for a long time because it consists of 100 levels. The game takes place in various places, from Crystal Lake, an abandoned amusement park in Manhattan and ending with cosmic expanses.

6. The Fear: Creepy Scream House

In contrast to the above, this mobile horror game has not only the atmosphere but also the prehistory. The main character had to give his wife to the hospital, because of her insanity she became dangerous both for herself and for others. As a result, he marries a second time; they raise a daughter. But, he is constantly haunted by the feeling that he and his family are being watched. But after he dreamed of sap in which his former had led to life, everything became worse, because now her spirit threatens him and his family.

7. Sinister Edge – 3D Horror Game

This mobile horror game, despite being not so popular, has become the choice of Google editors 2017 and 2018. Moreover, it has been named the best adventure horror game of 2018. Thanks to 3D graphics, it can be played simply on a smartphone, or using external VR controllers.

8. The Mooseman

Dark and mysterious horror created by the ancient Finnish legends. Actions take place in a snowy forest, the protagonist – Mussman, has a special gift, he can see what ordinary mortals are not able to see. He faces a difficult task; he must explore three worlds: the Lower World in which ghosts and spirits live, the Middle World in which people live, and the Upper World inhabited by gods. He begins his journey from the lower world.

9. Never Slept: Scary Creepy Horror 2018

Welcome to Hell. There are fear and horror. The protagonist is locked in a huge boarding school, where terrible events occurred in the past. And now he will again have to go through events that have haunted him in nightmares for many years.

10. Hello Neighbor

Your neighbour is hiding something, and you sneak into his house to find out what terrible secrets he carefully hides from the world. But as it turned out it was easier to get into his house than to get out of it.

Bonus Candies’ n Curses

This game is hardly horror. But she is funny and cute, also, corresponds to the theme of Halloween, so it will perfectly dilute the mobile horror of the game with dark and terrifying scenes.

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