In today’s modern world, need of the internet is increasing day by day. Nobody desires to move a single step forward without it. The need of the internet is as essential as breathing in human life. That is the reason why they switch to a range extender for a better and fast performance of WiFi everywhere in the house. In this article, we will help you with prefect guidance of NETGEAR Extender Setup and also in improving the performance of existing WiFi network.

NETGEAR Troubleshooting: Say Goodbye to Dead Zones

  • Place your router and the extender away from kitchen, doors, and walls.
  • Plug them into damagefree wall socket.
  • Take the help of an Ethernet cable to plug them both.
  • As soon as the lights on your range extender start blinking, connect your computer with it.
  • Once your computer is on, open a web browser on to it.
  • Before that, what you have to do, clear all the browsing history, cache, cookies from your computer and give it the rest of five minutes.
  • Hope you have done with all, now you are free to open a web browser onto it and in the address bar type mywifiext.

Make sure that you have the details of default credentials for NETGEAR Extender Login. If not, ask our customer support executives immediately on toll-free number 1-84 4-689-9966.

Now, let us discuss some essential points for improving the performance and capability of a wireless home network.


  • Upgrade your WiFi Equipment


If you are using your WiFi equipment for many years, it’s time to replace it or upgrade with the new version of technology. Every homeowners are aware of their access points and network routers, but they didn’t realize that the WiFi technology improves continuously.

Updated and newer WiFi technology often run faster and is more reliable with other electronic gadgets in your home. If you use an old version of a device, you often experience slow and sluggish speed of the internet.

Slow and poor speed of internet bothers a lot. They don’t allow its user to complete the task of NETGEAR Extender Setup successfully. So, to get rid of such issues, update your devices timely or replace them with the new version.

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  • Consider Moving your Router to a Better Location


In the hectic schedule of modern life, people do not have time to give their smart devices in setting them up. That is why the just unbox and plug them to the nearest wall socket, without paying attention towards any obstruction or fluctuation in the electricity. But we say this is wrong. Routers too need your concentration while their setup and placement.

So, what you have to do, bring your router in front and place it on a higher heat free shelf. Disable microwaves, cordless phone, and Bluetooth speaker during the process of NETGEAR Router Setup. After a successful installation, place your router far away from the mentioned obstruction so that their reach couldn’t affect the internet range coming out of the router.


  • Change the WiFi Channel Number


Do you know the fact that the WiFi equipment can send out signals on several channels similar to televisions? Third-party WiFi channels mess with yours and leave a big impact of poor connection on your network performance.

You probably want to get rid of such annoying issue. So, to avoid radio interference of neighboring or unidentified devices, change the default WiFi channel number in your device. If you ignore this step, you have no option left to perform the task of NETGEAR Router Reset.

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