Underwear. A piece of clothing that generally does not pay much attention to men. The only thing that most men pay attention to is the brand. However, there are more important things than just the brand of underwear. Think about the fit, the material, and quality.

That is why we are discussing everything you need to know about men’s underwear today.

Choose the style that suits you

You have to choose the right style that suits you well. Boxers Vs Briefs? Or boxers Vs Slips? There are different types of styles and in this, you have to decide which is best for your posture. This will serve as a guide to achieve the right style.


The slip is a traditional underpants with the classic Y shape. It is not suitable for everyone, but it offers good support and a comfortable fit. The slip is suitable for men with firm thighs.

Boxer with a short pipe

Boxer with a short pipe
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The boxer with a short pipe is the more modern version that has a simple silhouette. Ideal for under slim fitted pants. This model rests perfectly on the hips (somewhat lower than the other models) and has a short pipe. This type of underwear is suitable for men with thin legs.

Traditional boxer short

Traditional boxer short
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Traditional boxer shorts are comfy and are more breathable in contrast to the other types of underpants. This model, on the other hand, works less well when you have smartly fitted or skinny fitted trousers because the fabric creeps up. The “traditional boxer shorts” is suitable for every posture.

Boxer with a long pipe

This model can be placed between the boxer with a short pipe and the traditional boxer short. This model rests on the hips and is closer to the knee in contrast to the models mentioned above. Suitable for the men among us with a little more buttock.

The use of materials is important

There are three important points that underwear must meet: comfort, support, and breathability. Nowadays, cotton is often used. However, thanks to technological developments, a number of new substances have been released. These fabrics are durable, breathable and heat-sensitive

Below we discuss the types of substances. Based on this you can make an informed choice which material suits you best.

Cotton: The classic. It is a very suitable fabric for underwear. It is breathable, soft and user-friendly.

Jersey: It is a soft fabric, lightweight and has a natural stretch. Perfect for men who are constantly on the move.

Silk: This is a classic choice, however, this fabric will soon no longer be offered to the consumer. This is not for nothing. Despite being incredibly light and breathable, this fabric is very fragile. The result: rapid wear and damage during washing.

Mesh: This material is mostly used for sports underwear and ensures better performance. Mesh is light and breathable.

The other “underwear” that you should know all about

Today, underwear is only thought of underpants. However, the word includes much more than just that specific form. Here you will find the other forms of underwear.

The undershirt

The undershirt
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You do not always have to wear this item, but it prevents sweat stains on your clothes. This means you do not have to wash your clothes quickly.

Wear a V-neck T-shirt when wearing a shirt and leave the top two buttons open. If you want to wear a shirt with a tie, wear a crew neck t-shirt.


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White socks are currently very popular in the streetwear scene. If you do not wear your hoodie, you better stick to the classic black or dark blue. Your socks must be long enough that you do not see skin when you are sitting cross-legged. If you do not want to show a sock, such as in the summer for example, then you better go for “invisible” socks.

This is all you need to know about underwear.