The wide use of transformers has resulted in increasing their efficiency more and more. Transformers are known for their efficiency and need low maintenance. The term low maintenance here doesn’t mean that they are free from any kind of repair work. Transformers may get exposed to wrong environments and may be a victim of wear and tear. This raises the need for using a good transformers repairing technology.

A good transformer repairing service will provide the necessary repair and maintenance and help the transformer function effectively once again. This article discusses certain things to take care of when repairing transformers.

What generates the need for repair?

Being one of the most important components of electrical energy supply networks, transformers have high reliability. Despite being highly reliable, failures may occur and cause harm to the working of the transformer. Some external factors like short circuits in the grid might be the reason behind such failures.

Aging of the active part or important accessories might also be the reason behind certain failures. The need is to identify the failure at first and then carry on with the proceedings.

It is a better option to repair the transformer instead of replacing it with a new one in most cases. This will substantially reduce the investment costs and provide a faster turnaround than buying a new one. Thus, it becomes a good choice to go for transformer repairs.

Things to consider

Most of the services associated with transformers repairing follow same procedures. One needs to ensure certain steps to be carried out as considering them to be important. Assessment happens to be the first such step. A pre-assessment before repairing helps in identifying the root cause of the problem and offers great help while performing the repair work.

Usually, the transformers need to be brought out of the box for repair. This should be done with care and the contact to the walls should be restrained otherwise resulting in a natural wear and tear.

If the repair work can be done at home, its well and good. But, if it requires the assistance of the repair services then they should be chosen with utmost care. Choosing experienced and qualified services is a good way to go.

Other factors to be considered may depend on the type of transformers and the type of repair it needs. Also, for certain problems, the service providers offer onsite service as well. Whereas, for others, the transformers need to be repaired in a workshop. This could also depend on the consent of the customer.

Maintenance and repairs services

Transformers repairing and maintenance is made available onsite as well as in workshops. While talking about onsite repair and maintenance, the common services offered are:

  • Dehumidifying, degassing, and oil filtration
  • Oil refill or replacement
  • Accessories repair or replacement
  • Cleaning of contacts and torque adjustment
  • Bushings replacement
  • Corona removal
  • Corrosion removal, welding of leaks etc.

Some comprehensive repairs that cannot be carried out onsite usually make way to workshops for repairment. While talking about the repairs in a workshop, one can expect the following services.

  • Full electric test and revision of transformer
  • HV/LV winding repairs
  • Re-clamping of the winding
  • Damaged connections renewal or repair
  • Full blasting and painting of reservoir

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can be used as a weapon against transformers repairing. In order to prevent the transformers from damage, certain steps can be performed as maintenance works. This is known as preventive maintenance. It is a good way to ensure safe and reliable operation of transformers.

It helps in detecting problems at an early stage and this way prevents further deterioration. The preventive maintenance usually includes Oil sampling and analysis, electrical measurements, checking of accessories and protections, replacing of silica gel, etc.