Genius Scientists

These 8 Genius Scientists From The Past Changed the World and Our Lives Too


The world is going through a rapid development and achievement spree, with world-class innovations taking place every now and then. It seems human mind cannot limit its expertise when it comes to inventions. But we should never forget who the founding fathers of these innovations were. Who not only gave the world new dimensions but also contributed to giving us scope to move further in the direction of innovations and developments.

So, today we are going to remind you about 8 such scientist-great scientists, who actually changed the world.

#1 Alan Turing

Alan Turing is that great scientist who the world most important thing called a computer. His contributions helped the forces during the wars. He is the mastermind behind the artificial intelligence called computer science.

#2 Sir Isaac Newton

We all know the great man who threw light on the subject of gravity. Isaac Newton explained the science of gravity through is Laws of Gravity by inventing calculus principles which no other could have explained. He is also, the inventor of reflecting telescope.

#3 Marie Curie

The lady holds a record of being the first female to receive a Nobel Prize. The worthy scientist invented the world’s first mobile X-ray. Her invention helped in checking injuries of soldiers on the battlefield. Not just that we came to know about Radium after she invented it. She invented several radioactive materials which won her the title of “the mother of the bomb”.

#4 Aristotle

He was a genius, Greek Philosopher. We know his as a student of Plato and tutor of Alexander the Great. But he actually was more than that. He was a biologist, zoologist, ethicist, master of rhetoric and logic. This is because you get to read Aristotle in almost every stream. We should also be knowing that Aristotle actually gave the estimated size of earth.

#5 Albert Einstein

Here comes the father of the atom bomb. Einstein gave the world many equations of physics, but his major invention was the equation E=mc2, which led to the creation of an atom bomb.

#6 Charles Darwin

The father of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin is one of the greatest scientists in the world.

#7 Galileo

Galileo gave the world revolutionary inventions. He invented a telescope which helped to find out that the earth isn’t the center of the universe and it revolves around the sun.

#8 Thomas Alva Edison

Edison gave the world more than 1000 inventions. To name some of his major inventions are batteries, cement, mining, the telegraph, lights and power, phonographs. He also invented kinescope that helped in moving films.

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