The Ultimate Guide To Create Your Own Brand Identity
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The Ultimate Guide To Create Your Own Brand Identity


Brand identity is a crucial part of every business that combines its core values, vision and message in a compact manner and finally conveys it to the target audience. Just like we human are identified by the clothes we fear, friends we hang out with and food we eat, a brand also needs an identity which if not created, the brand stays incomplete. Having a brand identity ensure that customers can recognize you and connect with you. An outstanding brand identity inspires trust and trust inspires loyalty.

But the main question remains how to create such a brand identity that can leave a long lasting impression on the customer’s mind? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss here. But before that, let’s analyse a few concepts that you must clarify first.

  1. Find the voice of your brand

By voice, I mean the personality that you as a brand, represent. But finding this personality is not so easy. It is a well thought process that requires deep analysis. As a brand your aim is to make your customers fall in love with you.

So let’s do a simple exercise. Imagine you are having a conversation with your ideal customer. And say, everything you say is perfectly taken by the customer and he is head over heels with you. Now what was this ideal conversation you had with him? How did you end up evoking the right emotions? What are the terms that you used while trying to convince him?

Now let’s take this analysis one step further. Imagine, now this customer is convincing his friend for your brand. How is he talking about you? In which form he is endorsing your brand?

These are some crucial questions, analysing which will help you clear out the basic concepts. It will help you know what tune, vocabulary, you need to use while representing your brand.

  1. Identify your core values

The key to having a successful brand is to stay committed towards goals, not profit. Although money does hold very importance and ultimately is the end game, but your audience will be able to connect with you only if they know that you believe in something bigger.

Showcase the added benefits they get by getting associated with you. Does choosing your brand, makes them confident? Does buying from you makes the environment pure? Are you helping some NGOs by money earned from your customers?

Although not moneywise, but these added benefits if provided will help your audience connect with you on personal level. You need to create a list of these core values and analyse how you can connect these core values with your brand.

How to design your brand identity:

Now that you have done the conceptual analysis, let’s get to the actual part. Without a design your brand is incomplete. The design of your brand is a huge part of your brand identity. Let’s see how to create one:

  1. Identify the design that matches your target audience

In the previous example, let’s analyze the fashion sense of you as brand. Were you trying to represent your brand as a sleek look or a funky one worked best? Was it minimal or vibrant one? Was it classy or modern? You must understand these aspects before finalising a design for your brand.

  1. Design a logo that says it all

The logo of your brand is not only important for its identity but for its name too. The purpose of a logo is to capture the attention of your audience with a one memorable visual. For your logo designing needs, Canva is a great place. With hundreds of ready to use logo designs, you can get an attractive logo within minutes. And the best part, it is absolutely free. So try it now.

  1. Select colors and fonts wisely

Colors make a huge different and so do fonts. Both of these must be chosen keeping your brand and target audience mind. Having funky fonts on a medical website will make you look stupid and dumb. You don’t want that, do you? So before finalizing both of these things, try to understand the message that you want to convey with it and match it accordingly.

  1. Find out the perfect tagline

Tagline is important and makes you stand out. The tagline you will choose will not be decided overnight. Try to incorporate your brand and its core values in it. Though it is a bit difficult to represent you at your best in so little words, but that’s what you have to learn and that’s why it is a bit time consuming. But once you have penned down a perfect tagline, you will start witnessing benefits.

So friends, this was my perspective on building an effective brand identity? Do you have something to share? Would love to hear in the comments below.

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