GST stands for Goods and Service Tax has become applicable for the all the goods and services availed and purchased by the citizens of India. But what does Bloggers has to do with the Goods and Services Tax? Keep reading to know more, some of the people made a wrong quote stating; Bloggers who are earning more than 20 lakhs per annum do not have to register for the GST.

This was said by a consultant who was working as a tax consultant in the online tax filing and the clear tax. The tax consultant clearly made a statement that ‘the GST will be charged only for those who are earning above 20 lakhs per annum’.

Though the above statement is made wrong, the right thing about the GST registration is, it is true that those who are earning more 20 lakhs as turnover should register for the Goods and Service Tax (GST).

However, the suppliers who are supplying goods or any form of service to their customers within the inter-state supplies should compulsorily register with the government under the GST. The registration is done for the safety and the monitoring of the business and also to avoid exemption of the tax, here we as a team working together have come up with providing simple and detailed information on the GST registration for you.

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Let’s discuss what are the things that Bloggers should be considering regarding the issue of GST?

Generally, bloggers are making money from advertising the advertisements given by many enterprises in their webpage. The person who requests for the advertisements on the medium will be a service provider to the public, and the person who publishes the advertisement on the TV or printed magazine or on a radio will be approaching the websites’ owners and the one who indulges in blogging.

For example, a television channel would be showing advertisements for a company that sells toothpaste, so the TV channel would a supplier of the services and also the company that receives the toothpaste services.

The TV channel would be raising an invoice on the company that sells toothpaste and would be collecting GST. There are a lot of other real-life scenarios existing in the marketing world that are going through this process of filing and paying the taxes on the GST.

Although there are a few things that we need to consider from the bloggers perspective,

Is the Blogger supplying goods?

The blogger provides the real estate services through the internet for companies that host their advertisement, in this scenario a supply of service is made by the blogger, which makes the blogger a supplier.

Who is the receiver?

When the payments are made through Google the service acts as clearing the house since the advertisements are placed on the websites directly by the companies and the money is paid directly by Google.

The companies’ ads that are not interacting directly with the blogger, actually the blogger does not know how to charge the money from the customers that he or she should charge from these companies per advertisements that he or she hosts the blog.

Who makes payment to the blogger?

The money payments are paid by the Adsense, a product of Google, it pays the blogger according to the traffic that the advertisements make in a particular time from the blog. There isn’t any invoice raised by the blogger even though when he or she is acting as a supplier for that product.

However, we do not hope that the registration is required immediately for anyone and there aren’t any enough points that stated by the rule.