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The Proper Utility of Laser Marking for You


Laser marking or laser engraving is durable, non-falsifiable and clearly legible. Whether on metal, plastic or even food products, the laser marking is suitable for many media and applications. Customized data such as text, numbers, graphics, and barcodes can be marked directly on the product on the production line. Marker lasers are among the most reliable marking systems.

The professional provides sound advice and perfect after-sales service. For this purpose, a technician may carry out laser marking maintenance and the sale of specific spare parts. This type of equipment is aimed at marking metal parts and marking plastics.

Fiber laser marking

China’s laser marking machine is preferred in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, extrusion, and beverages for product identification. This system makes it possible to increase production¬†by accelerating the product identification system in an accurate and reliable manner. Unlike other marking systems, fiber laser marking machines are specifically designed for high-density products at very high speeds to ensure the traceability of each product.

Perfect Options for You

Laser marking machines are generally used for the marking of metal parts and the engraving of alphanumeric codes and/or dates of metals (aluminum, iron, titanium), but also for the marking of plastics, the marking of cable and other. They can also be used for the processing of gold and silver jewelry, food packaging, sanitary ware, medical apparatus and instruments, automotive accessories and electronic equipment. Braxes fiber laser marking machines are compatible with various materials such as stainless steels, carbon steels, gold, silver, aluminum, nickel alloys, brass, copper, and titanium. They can also mark the porcelain, plastic, glass, stone, and leather.

  • The powerful fiber lasers of the Y series are ideal for the industrial marking of parts. They are used in almost all metal and plastic processing industries for precise and effective direct marking of parts and products, from automotive engineering through medical and security technology to electronics. All kinds of codes, logos, alphanumeric characters, and lettering are safely and accurately marked with fiber lasers. The vision system, which can be optionally integrated into the marking unit, is characterized by a zero-defect the quality marking and reliability of the marking process by automatic verification and optical validation steps. The calibration of the marking fields as well as the set of parameters for the optimization of the speed, the quality and the accuracy of the marking, allow the optimal adaptation to a well-defined application.
  • A laser cutting machine is a fantastic tool. it allows the cutting of materials but also their surface etching. Fast and accurate it works almost like your paper printer. However, for your “impression” to work out as planned, there is a technical formalism and good procedures to follow.


Engraving is surely the closest thing to classic printing. Any image will be converted to grayscale by the driver and then engraved by the laser. It seems simple? It is.




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