The Must-Knows Of Instagram Hashtags

The Must-Knows Of Instagram Hashtags For Graphic Designers


As a graphic designer, you must know a few things about and how and why to use Instagram hashtags for your design benefits. Instagram, as you may know already, is one of the most popular platforms that are used by more than a billion users with 80% of these to be business brands, large and small. Using this platform, the followers can engage with and share pictures, photos, and videos.

Therefore, as a graphic designer, you could hardly ask for a better platform to connect with these users and make them your prospective clients by showing all of your creative works of all sorts. The best way you can make the most use of it is by using the graphic design hashtags.

This best visual-driven social media site allows you to use it to create a significant impact on your clients regarding your personal branding. You can reach out instantly to a wider audience worldwide by using these Instagram hashtags and connect and engage with them instead of simply interacting with your business associates and friends.

When you post the graphics work on Instagram along with a relevant hashtag, you are sure to reach more eyeballs and get noticed even more. Clients will be impressed with your feeds and follow your posts more. You simply have to make sure that you use the right mix of niche and broad hashtags to get the most out of this photosharing site. In doing so, it will eventually expand your fan following as well as the niche ones used will drive more engagement.

Most popular design hashtags

Most popular design hashtags

There are lots of common hashtags you can use but to stay apart from all other graphic designers and to get more business, you must know the specific and most popular graphic design hashtags and its benefits. To name a few of the list, you can use:

  • #graphicdesign
  • #art
  • #design
  • #typography
  • #designers
  • #creative
  • #artist
  • #digitalart
  • #graphics
  • #graphicart
  • #illustrator
  • #photoshop
  • #posterdesign
  • #vectorart
  • #vectorand
  • #visualstyle.

All of these popular graphic design specific hashtags will put your design work in front of your clients and represent you in a far better way than your competitors. If you use them in a proper way, you can rest assured that your work will gain more visibility which will result in increased followers and likes. You can take help from experts and visit sites such as gramblast for more cue and details.

Reasons to use

The Must-Knows Of Instagram Hashtags

Well, there are lots of reasons to use design specific hashtags for better personal branding. Almost all brands, business owners and influencers use hashtags to connect with the users to amuseand engage with them more easily.

If you want to make it big as a graphic designer, you too will have to use these hashtags apart from mastering your design skills. There are several reasons for it. The graphic design hashtags will help you to:

  • Share your work
  • Communicate with other designers as well as your prospective clients
  • Share resources
  • Highlight portfolio
  • Build your self-image
  • Post tutorials
  • Join chats
  • Track updates
  • Create networks
  • Follow influencers
  • Build your online authority
  • Create a better personal brand and
  • Watch your peers as well.

All the above can be achieved only when you make it a point to reply to the user questions and mentions on Instagram. If you do not respond then your clients may consider you as arrogant and not like you.

Be more organized

The design-specific Instagram hashtags will work in its own way much similar to Twitter and Facebook. These will help you to be more organized. You will be able to categorize your images and video contents in a better manner once you accompany these with one or a couple of relevant hashtags along with a suitable caption.

Typically, you can use up to 30 hashtags. This means you will have a far more and better opportunity to be noticed for your work. Your contents will be discovered more easily and shared as well. Therefore, make sure that with the above-mentioned design specific hashtags you also use several photography hashtags.

This will help you to categorize your images even better and the potential clients that are looking for a book illustration or poster design work will find you and your content much easier.

Some of the specific and popular photography hashtags that you can use are:

  • #photographysouls
  • #fineartphotography
  • #visualcreatorsand
  • #visualsoflife.

Using these you will notice the benefits by yourself. Things are changing fast on this photo sharing site but the significance and prominence of hashtags have never changed. The hashtags will leverage more followers with an increased level of engagement which thereby will increase the chances of having more potential clients or customers.

The benefits of using

Here are some of the few benefits that graphic designers should use Instagram hashtags.

  • Stay updated: You will be abreast and stay tuned with the latest updates and follow the hashtags. This implies that you will also be knowledgeable about the latest graphic design trends, communities and the popular topics discussed.
  • Better monitoring: You will be able to monitor the success of the Instagram hashtags used so that it serves your purpose and the primary reason for the creation of an Instagram profile by all graphic designers. Use the latest post insights feature included in this photosharing site to understand whether or not your hashtags on your post are getting more views and impressions. You can make the necessary changes for better performance.
  • Integrate stories: You can add Instagram hashtags to your Instagram stories. When you integrate this your targeted audience will discover your content far too easily. It is simple to use this feature. It is much more like using your posts. Once you integrate hashtags with your stories, it will be easier for the users to find it on the search and explore page. The stories can then be viewed in the Stories queue that is right at the top of the page.

It will also help you to leverage clickable hashtags to your bio making it more effective to build targeted campaigns.

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