There is one major thing happening in technology these days that stands out amongst all other changes. The massive shrinking of the personal computer with the introduction of the tablet, which has left consumers scrambling to get their hands on what they think will be the future. I can agree that tablet technology is a great idea that caters to the needs of a certain audience. However, I disagree with the fact that computers as we know it are becoming obsolete. Some say the pc is dead, I say the pc is just going through a re-birth and will appear back in front of the masses when they understand the limitations and differences between computers and tablets. From gaming benefits to its money saving abilities, the computer is going to be around for a while.

Hardcore gamers

The only option they have right now is either an Xbox, PS, or a computer. I understand that console gaming is an obvious choice for the gaming enthusiast, but I believe that certain games will never be able to exist the way they do on a console (or tablet) as they would a computer. Starcraft is a game that instantly comes to mind, ever try playing the old Starcraft on the Nintendo? It sucked. The game is centered around the ability to use a keyboard and mouse. South Korea even recognizes the game as one of its national sports. Tablets especially don’t have the ability to run the game because of the graphics and RAM requirements. Well, if you are battle royal game geek, then you may like to see these PUBG wallpaper to make your mobile and desktop screen look cool.

Office cubicles and dorm rooms

Seems like a nonchalant aspect with computing, but the desktop allows us to have the cheapest (usually largest) and most powerful computer for the least price. This means instead of buying an expensive small computer a company or a consumer can purchase multiple larger comps for the same price. One of the most important rules when running a business is knowing where your money is going, and saving money wherever possible if it doesn’t interfere with client satisfaction. That being said, one of the most important rules when being a teenager is the bigger the monitor the better, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the actual gaming.

There is no arguing that the tablet is a good idea, and will eventually become more of a test of time powerhouse in the industry when micro-processing is replaced with something that can contain the amount of energy required. Honestly my wish is to one day have a tablet with the speed and power of multiple computers of the present time. That might come sooner or later than anyone expects. At the moment the answer to everything should be simple, stop comparing the tablet to the computer, they are in two different worlds, and at this time, two completely separate industries.