The Art of Composing Contact Forms without the Hassle of Coding

How to create a contact form in HTML

Have you just started a business and looking to expand it to gain maximum exposure? The simplest way to do so is to create a business website. It will instantly help you reach a higher level of the audience by publicizing your website on public forums. Any and every business website page must have a contact form page which they can utilize to keep in touch with their customers.

Whether it is for selling, inquiry, feedback or survey, you must attach an online form to your site rather than just providing an email id in the contact us section.

In this modern age where time is of the essence and where we like shortcuts to everything, the inclusion of a contact form is indispensable. But creating one requires substantial coding knowledge or you must hire a developer which again costs money.

Here is where AidaForm comes in. It is a free-form building platform that will help you compose and customize the most appropriate form for your business.

How to create a contact form in HTML via AidaForm:

  • You must first have a running user account in AidaForm. If you do not have one, create a free account for yourself and then log in. Also, the first form created in AidaForm is free of cost post which you need to shift to a paid plan.  Once logged in you can begin to formulate your contact form.
  • The kind of contact form you want is of primary importance here and you must select a template that suits your business type the most. You can choose a template that has the standard question a form consists of or you can choose the blank template to start from scratch. There are many templates available in the AidaForm gallery which will suit your needs just fine. You can also use the “form editor” option to edit the form according to your preference.
  • You can also add a CAPTCHA and secure payment option by going to the settings option and linking your PayPal account to your contact form via “third party settings”.
  • Once you are done choosing the correct template and questions you can use the form designer button to customize the contact form accordingly. The contact forms should be synonymous with the website’s representation. Change the color, font, size and background image according to your liking. Add the logo of your business. And ultimately end with a greeting that pops up for each of your customer’s form submission. Once you are happy with the end result you are to select the button “Create”.
  • To add the form to your site you must opt for the “Publish” button which will generate the code which you can proceed to add to your webpage directly or as a hyperlink for the “contact us” option.

This is the easiest and cheapest method to create your desired contact form without going into the hassle of coding.

But if you want to learn yourself the art of coding you can refer to the AidaForm website as well.

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