The Texas method is a three-day-per-week training program that involves volume on Monday, active recovery on Wednesday, and intensity on Fridays. The workout program was created by Mark Rippetoe who was impressed by an old bench press workout from a Canadian bodybuilder, Doug Hepburn.

Doug used to perform five massive one-rep sets followed by five-repetition sets. This routine is best suited for intermediate and advanced or legendary bodybuilders due to its novice effect.

Novice effect translates to the ability of a newbie lifter to acquire continuous strength gains when they embrace a program that follows a linear progression. Some of the equipment required for the Texas method are barbells, bench press, and a squat rack. Apart from that, while doing this program, you should focus more on deadlifts, full body squats, overhead presses, and bench presses.

The Texas Method Cycle

The Texas method is done three days per week and each day involves full body exercises that include squats and upper body workouts. On Monday, the emphasis is on volume, Wednesday means active recovery, and on Fridays, the concentration point is intensity.

The Texas Method Volume Day (Monday)

According to gym instructors, emphasis on volume is essential among newbies, intermediates, and advanced lifters since it facilitates progressing. Volume is defined as the number of sets times repetitions.

Pro tip! sells legit work supplements that you can add to your diet to boost your performance during your volume session. Typically, the volume is recommended for lifters to help increase their strength and lean body mass. Studies show that sets of 3-5 repetitions are suitable for intermediate lifters to stimulate hypertrophy and strength gains.

Rippetoe states that while doing higher repetitions sets, use lighter weights. Heavier weights result in excessive structural damage that requires lengthy recovery periods. On this day, you can do the following;

  •         Squats: Do five sets of five reps.
  •         Overhead press: Do five sets of five reps.
  •         Deadlift: Do one set of five reps.

The Texas Method Recovery Day (Wednesday)

After heavy exercises on Monday, Wednesday is dedicated to lighter activities to enable muscle recovery, hence reducing the risk of an injury. Moreover, lower body mobility workouts are recommended to improve your form and encourage healthier movement patterns. While doing the recovery exercises, target the following muscles: calves, biceps, and abs. You can also reduce the number of sets that you did on Monday so that you do:

  •         Overhead press: Do three sets of five reps.
  •         Back extension: Do five sets of ten reps.
  •         Squats: Do two sets of five reps.

The Texas Method High-Intensity Day (Friday)

High-intensity training in the Texas method is designed to push your muscles to the limit. This may include striving for a maximum of five new reps. A slight warm-up is recommended, then pick heavier weights than those you did on Monday. The intensity session may include;

  •         Squats: Do one set of five reps.
  •         Power snatch: Do five sets of two reps.
  •         Overhead press: Do one set of five reps.

Tips For the Texas Method

Here are essential tips to help you during the Texas Method program;

  •         Keep your repetitions explosive and controlled.
  •         Put some emphasis on recovery, which also includes a proper diet and sound sleep.

·         Warm up before beginning the day’s program.