The performance of the website depends significantly on the hosting service. The speed and uptime of the site are essential for attracting visitors. If the hosting service is not able to satisfy the needs of the website it is better to switch the hosting service.

Moving the website from one server to another seems like a stressful and daunting task but if the performance of the website is declining then it is a necessary step. Find the best Pakistan web hosting so that the site can function efficiently. If you are plan the process carefully then you will be able to migrate the site from one host to another without any issue.

There are a lot of hosting services that move the site to a new host but if the feature is not offered then here is a guide that will help the website in switching the host.

Step1: backing up website files:

The first step is to back up the whole website so that no data is lost during the migration process. There are plugins available that help in completely backing up the site so that you do not have to do any hard work.

Step 2: Exporting the database:

Exporting the data is an essential step and it is a simple process. All you need to do is log in to the cPanel account of the web server and click on the PHP My Admin application. Next step is to select the database that includes all the installations on the left sidebar and then clicks on the export tab present on the navigation menu.

Step 3: Creating a database on the new host server:

To use anew hosting service you need to use the export data to create a database on the new host. It is simple and quickstep. It requires logging in to the web host with the help of user credentials that are provided and it will connect you to the database. You can complete the process in three simple steps:

Choose an appropriate name of the website and create a new database by that name.

Choose a new MySQL user and use a secure password.

Adding the user account to the new database

Step 4: Changing the domain’s name:

The next step is to change the name of the domain the website is using. The new hosting service offers the new domain DNS and to change the settings properly you may need to contact the customer service to the new host otherwise you may end up choosing the wrong DNS setting.

Step 5: Wait for the upgrade:

After the DNS settings are changed then there is a wait of 48 hours before the website gets loaded from the new host. During the 48 hours wait the DNS is propagated everywhere randomly from the new and old host. After 48 hours the site will upload only from the new host and it will be fully functional.

Step 6: Taking care of the old hosting account:

After the DNS update is complete you should contact the old host and cancel the old hosting account. But if the domain name is originally bought from the old host then you should not cancel the registration.