Spice Up your Company’s Social Media Presence with Dynamics 365

Social Media Presence with Dynamics 365

Social media management may look like easy stuff to handle, on the surface! Well, Social Media is much more than just creating accounts on different social media platforms and posting some random things. Setting up profiles is not even a complete start to your social media marketing plans. For every company, it is important to create, discern and amplify their presence on various social media platforms. The main motive of every organization is to acquire more leads, more traffic and more revenue through the platforms. And, this is exactly where the role of Dynamics CRM comes into play. Dynamics 365, the latest edition of the Microsoft CRM allows the user to stay bang on with their social media campaigns.

Building your brand name to the place where you get momentous reach and attention in your field of work is a completely different story. A lot of big brands already have an intriguing social media presence, and they are already dominating the market. Therefore, it is important for you to develop a unique presence. You have to look different and attractive than the competitors in order to win the social media race!

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365, as well as the very useful Microsoft Social Engagement, provides the ability to review what people are talking about your company on Social Media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, and even the blog pieces which are there in the Dynamics CRM interface. Microsoft Social Engagement is basically utilized to amass all the necessary information from all the social media sites. It also helps the user with the advantage to analyze the social media ‘position’ of the company as good, bad or average based on the trends and insights gathered.

Social Media Monitoring is a cakewalk now!

One of the best features of the Social Media features in Dynamics 365 is the option to deep dive into the significant customer data, and gather all the noteworthy details like, who’s commenting what, who’s mentioning you etc. It basically gives you a deeper understanding of what the customers are talking about you in the business. This is one of the most important insights to gather, in order to enrich your social media presence. So basically, Dynamics 365 arms you with the valuable insights which are not just used to analyze your social media happenings, but also gives you a sorted view of the customer’s interest levels. In a way it also keeps you prepared for the possible problems or dangers that may spoil your online reputation as well.

Helps to craft better social media strategies!

As mentioned above, Dynamics 365 allows the user to gather a piece of detailed information about the social media happenings. And, these useful analytics and insights help the company to know what is working, and what is not working for them. This useful information is further used by organizations to curate more impactful social media strategies. With the help of the customer insights, a company can easily figure out the ways to impress and catch the fancy of the target audience.

The extensive set of tools!

Dynamics 365 has a wide-ranging bunch of Social media management tools. And, Social Engagement is basically used to develop automated and reviewable campaigns across several different social platforms.

Here are the top benefits that Dynamics 365 offers when it comes to social media:

  • It allows the company to directly communicate with the customers and the right target audience.
  • It helps the company to make the customer feel important. Replying or acknowledging the customer’s queries, it is a great way to make the customer feel valued.
  • It also helps the organization to set up a sole or even shared profiles
  • It makes it very easy for the companies to configure and maintain their social media presence as per the geographical boundaries
  • It also enables the company to organize dashboards with all the data associated with the campaign, and that too in more than 40 different languages.
  • It has got the feature to set up alerts whenever there is a notification so that the user can handle it immediately.

Listed above are just a few features that Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as the Microsoft Social Engagement, offer the company to enrich and expand their social media presence. Apart from these, there are plenty of more ways by which Dynamics 365 helps the user to boost the social media presence. Plus, one of the best offerings of the tool is analytics, as the insights help to intelligently curate much better and effective social media plans!