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Secure your data with cloud to cloud backup


IT administrators have a lot to think about when it comes to protecting the systems, data and applications that fuel the business. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes; mechanical failures such as power supplies and hard drives; human disasters, users accidentally deleting files and malicious attacks can cause destruction to the fully built company. You require cloud backup to ensure that your data is safe. For the full protection of your data you need a cloud to cloud backup.  This provides double protection layer to your data .

What is cloud to cloud backup?

When your data is stored in one cloud and you copy stored data to the other cloud then it is called C2C Backup. Businesses are turning towards the cloud and enterprises are depending more and more on cloud based applications. Cloud backups have gained popularity and people acquire it as the overall costs are lower and backups run automatically.

Cloud is a secure and reliable data backup solution but the systems can fail anytime. Backing up on multiple locations allow you to have added data security. It requires low effort, less money and double protection. SaaS vendors often charge large fees to restore your data so many businesses are turning towards cloud 2 cloud backup.

Why do you require cloud 2 cloud backup when you have cloud backups?

It is often said two is better than one. Following the same line two clouds are better than a single one. With C2C you can store your data in multiple locations. It provides data protection and faster recovery. When you keep backups on multiple clouds then you have surety that your data is safe and secure in the cloud. Some of the pros of C2C backups include:

  • It is more comprehensive, as it protects the user against many possible cases of data loss.
  • The cloud to cloud backup providers focus on backing up data in easier and quicker way.
  • When data is backed up on multiple clouds then it is accessible anywhere.
  • Creating multiple copies of your data makes it immune to ransomware attacks as an organization doesn’t have an office network.
  • There is more flexibility in restoring from cloud to cloud backup

5 tips to find right cloud to cloud backup:

Cloud to cloud backup is the newly added protection layer for your data. The data is duplicated on one SaaS platform from the other SaaS platform. Here are some points which you should keep in mind when you are looking for cloud to cloud backup:

  • Check backup storage durability:

When it comes to backing up your data in the cloud, you keep your data in a platform which is not yours. You have to make sure that the cloud backup platform is durable. You have to make sure that it is completely safe for your data.

  • Make sure your cloud has application coverage:

You might be planning to offer your clients with more few cloud based applications so make sure that the cloud you are using has application coverage.

  • Test the backup functionality:

In order to keep your company’s data to the cloud you must test the functionality of backup. In terms of data backup, no compromises can be made. You should test their platform with some of your data and see how it works.

  • Check data access:

When choosing a cloud to cloud backup platform you have to make sure that the data is easily available.

  • Check data restore:

The cloud to cloud platform which offers the restore is more efficient and the chance of data loss is zero.

Cloud to cloud backup is the additional layer of protection for your data. The cloud based solutions provide solutions from enterprise cloud storage to disaster recovery in the cloud. Get started and build your business in the cloud.

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