Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager that is shipped with Microsoft Office. When users run Outlook for the first time, two necessary data files get created automatically i.e., OST and PST. Personal Storage Table (PST) acts as the main storage of all the databases in Microsoft Outlook. Whereas Offline Store Table (OST) is a synchronized copy of email messages stored on a server that can be accessed using Outlook application. The OST file lets users work in the offline mode, which means users can finish their tasks even without internet connectivity. When the connection establishes again, the OST file gets automatically synchronized with Exchange Server.

But, these OST files are highly prone to corruption or damage. Sometimes, when the OST file is getting synchronized, users may receive errors. Or, after completing the sync process, they may find that some items are deleted or missing from the OST file. In case of OST file corruption, the user can try the inbuilt utility present in Microsoft Outlook which is Scanpst.exe. But sometimes the ScanPST fails to repair OST file data. Now the question arises what to do if ScanPST does not repair OST file items.

In this article, we will find the best possible ways to resolve this issue. We will also discuss the manual and automated solutions to this problem. The only reason for encountering such scenarios is corruption in OST file. Now, you may be wondering what makes an OST file corrupted and how to repair a corrupted OST file?

Factors Causing Corruption in OST File

  • Termination of MS Outlook program in an inappropriate manner.
  • Presence of bad sectors in the hard drive where OST has stored.
  • The occurrence of any interruption in between the synchronization.
  • Microsoft Outlook OST file size exceeds its maximum limit.
  • Outlook application suddenly crashes, damages or shuts down.

User Queries Regarding ScanPST Fails to Repair OST File Issue

Before launching MS Outlook 2010, there was an inbuilt utility called Scanost.exe to repair corrupt/ damaged OST files. Later, it has been replaced by the Scanpst.exe that can be used to repair both OST and PST files.

Hence, whenever the Outlook OST file gets corrupted, most of the users prefer Scanpst.exe to repair the files. However, it is not an efficient solution as it only works with minor errors and cannot repair highly damaged OST files. There come times, when ScanPST fails to repair OST file and users may also encounter some error messages while using Scanpst.exe to repair corrupt OST file, like:

“The Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool does not recognize the file xyz_corrupted_scanpst_fixed.ost. No information can be recovered.”

In many cases, ScanPST does not repair the OST file and this tool could not be able to fix the OST file issues. Also, using this, one cannot repair OST files larger than 2GB size.
Due to all such serious limitations, it is recommended that we do not repair OST files with the Scanpst.exe tool.

So, What’s The Next Option When ScanPST Fails to Repair OST File

For Outlook 2010 and later, Microsoft suggests rebuilding the Outlook OST file instead of trying to repair a damaged one. Rebuilding an OST file using Outlook, involves the following steps:

  • Quit Outlook application and navigate to the following location to get the OST file.

In earlier versions of Outlook: File >> Data File Management >> Data File >> Open Folder

In later versions of Outlook: File >> Account Settings >> Account Settings… >> Data Files >> Open File Location

  • After getting the file, simply rename it and make sure that the Outlook program is closed.
  • Eventually, open the Outlook application and let it rebuild the OST file from the server.

Limitations of Manual Method To Resolve ScanPST Does Not Repair OST File Issue

  1. Require Strong Technical Skills.
  2. It is a very lengthy procedure and difficult to perform.
  3. Risk of data loss.

Important Note: If the mailbox size is large and you are working under a slow and expensive internet connection then, the OST file cannot be rebuilt. Now, taking help from a reliable third-party tool is the only option left. It is an easy and simple way to repair OST files.

Professional Solution To Repair OST file In Case ScanPST Fails to Repair OST File

In order to solve the issue, Scanpst does not repair the OST file then the user can prefer SysTools OST to PST Converter software. It is one of the best ways to repair and recover corrupt OST files. Using this, one can recover all the data items of OST file i.e., emails, contacts, notes, tasks, etc. One can rebuild and restore an OST file into PST, MSG, EML, HTML, and Office 365. The software is capable enough that it can fix corrupt Outlook OST and NST files. It can decrypt the emails stored in the OST file via removing S/MIME and OpenPGP encryption.

To make the recovery process easier, the tool allows us to search inside all or selected drive and it can recover multiple OST files in a single attempt. To avoid the inconvenience after recovery, it highlights the deleted OST items in Red color. If users want to restore only some specific items or folders then, this can be done using its Filters.

In order to avoid the large-size corruption issues, one can split the output file and it keeps all the metadata of emails like Reading/ Unread Status, Send/ Receive Dates, To, Cc, Bcc, etc. The best thing about this advance software is that it supports MS Outlook 2019/ 2016 and all below versions. Both compressible and highly encrypted OST files also can be recovered using this and there is no file size limitation to recover orphaned Outlook OST files.

Final Thoughts

Scanpst.exe is a free inbox repair utility offered by Microsoft to fix light issues of the Outlook data file. When the Outlook OST file gets corrupted and the inbox tool is also not responding then, how to resolve the corruption issue? For this, we have discussed a manual solution yet, if it does not work for users then, an alternate solution is also described to fix ScanPST fails to repair the OST file problem.