SAT Preparation

SAT Preparation: A Walk-through


Earlier known as scholarship aptitude, SAT is now known as scholarship assessment test. So as the name says the test provides college admissions in the United States. It is possessed, prospered and published by an NPO in the United States known as College board. The test was initially not meant to be included in high school but later on, it was added as per the requirements of students. The test has a fixed pattern and is followed worldwide.

It has three section, reading which involves multiple choice questions to be solved by reading passages and paragraphs sometimes accompanied by graphs and tables. The paragraph may be regarding literature, science or social studies, totally based on the average abilities of students. The student gets 35 minutes to solve 45 question of this section.

The next section is the writing and language test. In this proper focus is given on analyzation of punctuations etc. in this 44 multiple choice questions have to answer in another 35 minutes. The last section is of mathematics. It total has 58 questions, 13 grid questions, and 45 multiple questions. This section is divided into two, the no calculator section consisting of 20 questions and calculator questions consisting of 38 questions.

Keeping all these sections in mind and also all the three are compulsory to attempt and there is no option to choose from as in the case of GMAT where there is a choice to choose 3 from 4.

Nowadays preparation for SAT is also done live, that is officially known as SAT live prep courses, these courses have basically coursed the preparation that the coaching center provides so as to clear the exam and to give students a good future worldwide. Let’s have a look at some main tips that students get from these live courses:

  • Considering the reading section, a lot of practice is required to solve passages related questions in the given time. A set pattern has to be followed as to how quick should a student be to attempt all the questions of this section as this section seems to be the easiest but can become the most time taking section if the student is not in habit of doing so. Also, paragraphs come from all aspects be it science, social studies, literature etc so the student also needs to be aware of the questions asked and accordingly read the paragraph.
  • The verbal section may require the student to have a tuition class as to have a proper guidance about the paper as the verbal section is not a very common one. It does require a lot of well-built grammar and vocabulary. The student gets a sample paper to solve and be a bit prepared for the exam.
  • Now the mathematics section does require a good preparation because the grid questions are very tricky and may disturb the whole set of movement. Giving a lot of practice to students relating to difficult to easy questions is the main purpose of SAT live prep courses.

Such exams do require certain extra help and it is very necessary to provide students with such help to give them a good and safe future, as the present generation is the key to a good future of the society and the present society only has to take care of that.