Roku troubleshooting

Roku Troubleshooting Tips To Reset Your Gadget With Ease


Roku smart streaming device, what an amazing piece of technology in today’s modern scenario to replace your existing and outdated cable TV. It is not so expensive. It fits easily in anybody’s budget. When you link your Roku player to smart HD TV, a Roku Activation Code appears on the home screen.

You have to enter this code via web address and click on the submit button.

Sometimes it gets stuck on the retrieving screen during the setup of your Roku device. At times, your device even refuses to start. At this point, users get bound to the conventional Roku troubleshooting steps. As a matter of fact, they can achieve 100% results by just giving 10% of your efforts.

Well, that 10% includes a simple and easy step – resetting your Roku device. There are two main types of reset to perform – Soft Reset and a Hard Reset. In some cases, a simple soft reset resolves the brain-teaser Roku issues just like that. In case, it doesn’t do, then the hard reset will surely come handy.

Below-given are the complete guideline of soft reset as well as the hard reset process.

Let’s get started with the soft reset process

The soft reset process of your Roku device simply means – restarting your gadget without affecting the private and confidential data and the configuration or security settings. There are four light and smooth ways through which you can soft reset your gadget.

Using the Remote

For frozen screen issues, the best option is to soft reset your gadget using the remote. This process is applicable on all Roku models.

Push the home button.

After a few minutes, push the “up” button as well.

Now, what you have to do is to go to the rewind button and role it two times gently.

Once done, push the fast forward button.

For assistance, ask us for Roku help by dialling 1-866-817-4499.

Use the Menu Option

Well, this option is available only for the newer, latest, and up-to-date models – Premier, Ultra and 4th generation. To do so, navigate to the home screen and tap on “settings” after that, go to “System”. Now, under the system option, you will find a “system restart” option situated under the “power” tab.

Use the Button:

This process is only meant for the older and outdated version of Roku devices. You will be unable to access Roku comlink to get an activation code for Roku and to set up your device without any issue.

Now, what you are supposed to do is to find the reset hole on your smart Roku gadget. It is situated either on the back or bottom panel of your device near to the Ethernet port. Grab any thin object like paper clip or pin and insert it into the reset hole of your device. Release it carefully after a couple of seconds and you are done.

Last but not least:- A typical power pull:

This is the only option left for you dear users if you are done with other soft reset above-given options. As per the guidelines, the power pull means pulling or taking out the power cable of the Roku gadget from the main power socket. Wait for a couple of seconds and connect the power cable back into the electric power socket.

Now, Let’s carry on with the hard reset process

The hard reset process is not that hard as it sounds. Why it is known as the hard reset? Because it will clear all the saved data and the configurations settings.

Via Menu Option:

The Soft Reset of your device fit good for resolving common annoying errors such as Roku low power issues, unable to stream the content or Roku sound problems.

Note down that sometimes, the hard reset is the only option left that can help you out. This process is only meant for newer models of Roku.

To do so, navigate to your home screen and execute the steps given below:

  • Open the “Settings” tab.
  • Go to the Advance System Settings that is located under the “System settings”.

Note: For some Roku models, you can easily found the reset option in the “factory reset” situated under the “settings” tab. As soon you are done with the Hard Reset process, you are supposed to undergo with the Setup process again to get Roku link activation code before using your device.