Recover Highly Corrupt BKF Files in 3 Modes – Best BKF Recovery Utility


Getting a shareware site recognition award and a plethora of praiseworthy comments in its scoop, this BKF Recovery software is undoubtedly the best ever solution to recover highly corrupt BKF files. The reason for such extolment and praise is the easy, quick, versatile and flexible 3-mode scanning process in which it recovers the entire data from a corrupted BKF file. The 3 modes of recovery that a user can choose from are – Quick, Deep and Range Based.

“Kudos for its performance and hats off to its makers for constructing such a handy solution that quickly recovers all the data from a damaged BKF file”, is what a user said about this tool in his feedback note to the company.

“These multi-level file scanning options are really cool”, said another user who employed this tool to recover his corrupted BKF file and executed the recovery process at his home. “It is really a marvelous feature that this vendor is giving wherein we can recover the backup BKF file as per its degree of corruptness.

If the BKF file has minimal amount of corruption; then we can choose the ‘Quick Scanning’ mode and if there is a severe level of corruption in the backup file, then we can opt for the ‘deep scan’ mode and for selective data recovery we can go for the ‘Range Based scanning’ mode.”



Details about Range Based Scan

This option is there in the tool if the user needs to scan some selective part of the BKF file. In such situation, range based scan works best for him. In order to use this range based scanning feature, the user has to define some percentage range between ‘From’ & ‘To’ and then begin with the scanning process.

“Usually such varied features are not provided by such vendors and finding a vendor that first visualizes the users’ needs and then presents to them such custom-made solutions keeping in mind their needs is something applaudable,” said a recent customer of this company.

“I am saying this from my personal experience that such customized solutions are found rarely on the web platform and there is a scarcity of such vendors. I liked what this company has on its product range and BKF recovery tool is one of my personal favorites from this vendor,” he added.