Protection of legal department’s data form ransomware


Installing antivirus software cannot solve the problem of cyber-attacks, as cyber-attacks come from well-organized networks. If you are waiting for something to happen then this is equivalent to texting and driving. You will be affected by it and sooner or later something bad is going to happen, like ransomware. Every business/enterprise is vulnerable to ransomware. The more you progress the more is the threat of cyber-attacks. These attacks are constantly targeting at high profile organizations, government agencies, public utilities and transportation networks around the globe. Cloud disaster recovery allows the organizations to have business continuity, disaster recovery and data security.

It is risky to keep all your data in one location and keeping data in multiple locations can allow you to access the multiple copies of your data when you want. The on-premises solutions are merging with the cloud based solutions.  IT is rapidly evolving and your backup solution should evolve too; in order to keep your data safe and keep your organization up and running during and after a disaster.

Ransomware threat to police departments:

The police departments are now experiencing the ransomware attacks too. There is an association a Law Enforcement Cyber Center established in 2015 to support local police departments in dealing with cyber crimes.

Ransomware Case of Police departments:

There was a case in 2014 where the police department of England experienced ransomware attacks and the department paid 750$ to unlock their systems. The challenge which police departments face is that even if they pay the ransom the hackers still have the confidential files of the criminals and they can use it anywhere they like.

Reasons of Ransomware attacks on Police departments:

Police departments are targets not only for money:

Police departments have criminal records. When someone attacks are on them they are public. The data which is kept hostage can be used in many ways and the earning is at maximum as the cost can be claimed by the police department and the criminals as well.

Lack of backup:

The police departments have cases at line and accidents happen, criminal acts happen each day. This makes it difficult to backup files each hour of the day.

More than just ransom:

Ransomware on police departments is more than ransom. The data contains evidences against the cases and it can be washed out one accessed by the attackers. Ransom amount is the plus for the hackers as they can have data deletion intentions as well.

It is said that backup can help out to recover the files. A backup and disaster recovery strategy alone will not help them out to save their data. As they don’t want the data only the confidentiality of the data should not be affected as well. They require a solution which doesn’t let ransomware have any effect on the files. There is a solution which have strong grounds in the market, that solution is of Stone Fly. The solution provides pro-active protection which stops ransomware attacks by proactively defending your systems and reversing unauthorized data encryption.

People can have enterprise backup appliance to keep the data save and ransomware proof in no time.

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