Pros and Cons of Homemade Organic Pesticides

Pros and Cons of Homemade Organic Pesticides


When growing your own garden, one makes use of pest control in the Philippines in avoiding insects to devour and damage your fruits, vegetables and other plants. It is the best solution in getting rid of these pests that keep coming back every time you are growing your crops.

There are two types of pesticides that you can use in eliminating these little eaters. Organic and conventional pesticides are the two options for farmers and gardeners in growing their plants.

For people who are after plant quality and healthy lifestyle, an organic pesticide is their best bet. Here are some considerations you must know about homemade organic pesticides.


Are you currently using store-bought pesticides for your garden? If so, then maybe it’s time to consider making the switch to organic pesticides. After all, there are many benefits that you and the planet can benefit from.

Organic farming is the best replacement for conventional farming methods. This method of production makes advocates for the use of organic pesticides which are said to beneficial to plants, livestock, soil organisms, and people.

Better for the Environment

Many organic pesticides are created to reduce carbon footprint and eliminate pests without harming people, animals, and the environment. By using homemade organic pesticides, it may minimize environmental impacts that can cause collateral damages.

It can also lighten one’s carbon footprint, depending on the products and its application. Using organic, natural pest solutions means your plants won’t be exposed to chemical toxins and keeping them healthy in the long-run.

Better for the Soil

The soil isn’t just necessary to simply grow plants, fruits, and vegetables. Organic pesticides can help the soil in keeping them healthy. It contributes directly to the nutrients that you and other people can benefit from.

They help improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to hold water and other healthy nutrients rather than chemical pesticides linger in waterways and in the soil after every application is made.

Over time, organic pesticides will make your soil and plants healthy and strong.

Readily Available

There are many natural solutions you can make for homemade organic pesticides. You can source them out from common items you usually see in the kitchen, grocery, and almost anywhere without compromising your plant’s life in harmful chemicals.

These can save you a lot of money that you can use on other things. You can avoid the common mistake of some farmers who spent all their money on pesticides that do not only strengthens the immunity of insects to such chemicals in the long run but also includes risks in the human body.

By knowing all the ingredients in your homemade pesticide solution, you’re sure that there are no harmful mixtures that can cause harm to you, your family and your crops.

Pests Can’t Resist It

Chemical pesticides can lose their effectiveness over-time. There are certain species of insects that aren’t killed of pesticides, for they have traits that get them resistant if it passed on.

There are sometimes, a little portion of the homemade organic treatments survives a chemical pesticide treatment, they’re more likely to pass to their offspring, making the treatments ineffective. Pests are less likely to develop resistance to organic pest control techniques.


While using organic pesticides sounds like a good idea, unfortunately, some details of the service are not always clear. Below are some of the notable disadvantages when one uses organic pesticides.

They’re More Costly

Organic pest control is not the cheapest option available for getting rid of pests. Some will even tell you that controlling pests organically is not reasonable. The fact that chemical-based pesticides require less money in advance.

It all boils down to your preference. Whether investing in a long-term solution that will save your extra bills for a few months or pay less with the renewal of pests each time.

Sometimes Ineffective

If you choose homemade organic pest control, it can take a long time to see its results. Chemical solutions can provide instant satisfaction of dead pests after it’s an application.

Most homeowners and gardeners say that this is their greatest concern in choosing which kind of pesticide works for them. Should you go for fast, short-lived results or slow produced yet a long-lasting option?

Key Takeaway

Pests are little eaters that damage all the crops like fruits and vegetables you worked hard for. Constantly bothered by them? Pesticides can be the best solution in getting rid of them that keep coming back every time you are growing your crops.

Choosing to use homemade organic pest control in the Philippines has just as many benefits as the more aggressive option. Be sure to be equipped with the information to freely select the best pest control method for your home.

If you wish to live in harmony with nature and make a lasting improvement in your plants, choosing homemade organic pesticides fits the best.