Preparing A New Home for The National Broadband Network (NBN)

Preparing A New Home for The National Broadband Network (NBN)


The National Broadband Network (NBN) is connecting Australia with high-speed, reliable internet. The service is offered by many international and local players such as Vodafone, Tangerine, and Harbour ISP. If you are planning to buy a new home, build a new house, or shift to a new apartment, you may need to consider several factors before you switch to an NBN connection.

Building a New Home

It is estimated that an average Australian household will have at least 30 connected devices in the next two years. This is why an NBN connection is a great choice to prepare for the future while building a new home. If you are about to build a new home, make a note of the following points to make your home NBN ready –

  • Make a note of all the services that you will require in each room. This includes phone lines and data points for the internet connection.
  • Talk to your developer or builder regarding these requirements. Depending on the same, the developer can build the home with a layout consisting of data points and connections in the right places.
  • Talk to various NBN service providers in your area and ask them regarding the in-home cabling needs. Make sure you include the installation of NBN equipment during the development stage.

Developers require preparing the building with NBN and telecommunications infrastructure six months before the actual construction to ensure that the internet needs of your tenants are sufficed.

Moving into a New Home

NBN is becoming the standard internet connection across Australia but some regions are still getting connected. This is why check your address to find out if the NBN access network is available in the new home you are moving in. You should also –

  • Pre-order NBN powered plan from a service provider so that you have access to the internet from the day you move in.
  • Find out about the retail plans that are included with each plan.
  • Enquire about the one-time user contribution charges if required from the service providers.

If you are moving into a rental home, talk to your landlord about getting an NBN connection. The landlord has to decide the equipment installation area and also provide permission for in-home cabling, wiring, drilling, ducting, trenching, and more required to accommodate cables for NBN access.

Compatibility Issues

If you are using an older network or other systems to perform various services, it is important to register them with NBN to help it identify the premise and provide support with a minimum break in service. The services you need to register with NBN are –

  • Medical Alarms, Autodiallers, and Emergency Call Buttons.
  • Lift Emergency Phones.
  • Monitored Fire Alarms.
  • Home or Business Security Monitoring Systems.
  • Existing Landline Phone, Fax, and Teletypewriter services.
  • ATM, EFTPOS or Health claim terminals.

If you are in a remote area, NBN can reach you via a Sky Muster satellite instead of the wired or wireless network technology. Depending on these connectivity methods, you can choose your speed from a basic 12/1, 25/10, 50/20, or 100/40 Mbps Download and Upload speeds.

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