Photo Recovery Deleted Photos: Get Your Wedding Pictures Back


The biggest nightmare of every newly wedded couple is the thought of the catastrophic loss of their wedding photos. Before digital cameras were invented, the film was used to store pictures and serious wedded couples would keep their slides and negatives in proof safes or even bank deposit boxes. However, it was still possible to lose valuable wedding photos due to water damage, fires and sub-grade storage supplies.

Today, digital photos are safely stored in storage devices like SD cards or flash drives, but there is still the risk of file corruption, file format obsolescence and failed drives. With such risks involved, it is prudent to have a solid backup plan to keep your wedding photos safe. A solid backup plan also enables one to restore pictures that may be deleted accidentally with ease.

Below, we have listed steps one can take to minimize the risk of losing digital photos.

1. Backup Immediately

After receiving your wedding photos from your photographer, ensure that you load them into your computer and immediately create a backup file. Do not let procrastination get the better part of you. There are several cases where some people have accidentally deleted image files from their computer or flash drives without having a backup.

If this happens, you stand a greater chance of losing precious wedding memories forever. However, there is advanced deleted photo recovery software that can be used to get back lost data from storage devices.

2. Have A Spare Drive To Backup Photos

It never hurts to have more than one backup storage device for your files. Ensure that you duplicate your files on a spare drive. For large quantities of files, it is best to store them on a hard drive. When you make several copies on multiple drives, do not store these devices in the same location just to be safe.

You have an option of saving multiple copies on hard drives with RAID setups instead of doing it manually from one drive to another. RAID setup allows files to be spread across multiple locations while maintaining enough overlap to make the restoration of a drive easy in case it fails.

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3. Upload Copies To An Online Archiving Service

Subscribing to online archiving services has gained increased popularity in recent times. Such services offer system redundancy and have a complex drive that keeps uploaded files on servers in different geographical locations. These services do cost money but the upside of using them is that the service providers continue to expand their product offerings enabling customers to display their files when the need arises.

4. Update Your Files To A Modern Standard

File formats are constantly evolving even as storage devices such as hard drives and removable drives continue to expand. You need to ensure you save your files in one of the latest file formats to make it easy to access the files and also restore them if need be. You can choose to save your file in formats like DNG, RAW, PSD, TIF, JPEG, and GIF. If you had your wedding some years back and have your files saved on a CD or DVD, be eager to keep their archives up to date.

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5. Do Not Trust Any Storage Technology

Never just rely on one storage technology to back up your files. Before you purchase a storage device, ensure that you do proper research to find out how the product is performing and what other users have to say about it. Price of a device should never be the determining factor to make you buy a storage device but instead find out its features such as efficiency, durability, and safety.

6. Tips To Recover Lost Photos

If you have lost your wedding photos due to one reason or the other, there is no need to panic. Photo recovery from storage devices like SD cards, flash drives or hard disks is one of the easiest and well-established data recovery tasks. Look for a reliable recovery software like the iSkysoft Data Recovery Software.

Download and install it. Select and click on the device you have stored your photos from the list that comes up and wait to see what it brings up. If you are not able to locate your files, use a deep search option. You can try using different tools since recovery algorithms used in the software may differ. Do not be afraid to use this recovery software since it is read-only and will not in anyways tamper or destroy anything on your storage device.

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What Makes iSkysoft Data Recovery The Best Software

  • Offers a 98% recovery rate.
  • Allows deep scanning.
  • Can recover all lost data despite how they got lost.
  • Can help to recover every type of documents.
  • Helps to recover photos of all formats.

Tips On How To Achieve The Best Results When Recovering Photos

Once you notice that your storage device has a problem, stop using it at once. Do not store any new files in the device either.

Instead of using a cord or direct connection to the camera when recovering data, opt for an SD card instead.

Always ensure that the SD card from a camera is set at “quick format” by default to allow you to recover files easily in case they accidentally get deleted.

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