Commercial Video Production

Phases of a Commercial Video Production


The fusion of moving images with color, sound and special effects has reached levels that many cannot even imagine.

As this combination has not only become the main ingredient of television ads to generate a great impact on viewers, but also in movies and corporate videos that brands today share on social networks.

At this point is where the advertising spot comes into play, a short-term audiovisual resource that is used to convey a message to viewers about a product or service. But how are these materials made? What are the phases through which an advertising spot passes? Discover it!

The 3 stages of an advertisement

To make an advertising spot it is essential to follow three essential phases: Preproduction, production and postproduction. Well, having this clear, we will explain what each stage consists of. Let’s see.


In this first phase an in-depth analysis of the main idea of ​​the spot is made. And once it is well defined, a decision must be made about how it will be transmitted to the audience.

This planning process ranges from the duration of the audiovisual, through how the recording will be made to the location that is needed to materialize the idea.

Of course, to organize this whole process it is necessary to create a literary script where the characters must be described, the actions they will perform and the situation in which they will be immersed.

Of course, the technical script must include dialogs, plans, scenes, camera movements, effects, transitions and musicalization.


Once each of the preproduction details has been defined, proceed with the second phase: the production of audiovisual material.

That is, it begins with the process of materializing the idea. In this stage, the set-up is made and the spot is recorded.


The last phase of the spot is postproduction, which is nothing more than the process of editing the material that was recorded during production.

This task encompasses several activities such as organizing scenes, adding special effects, sounds, slogans, among other details to give more play to the audiovisual.

A very important point that should be taken into account in this last phase is that the advertising spot should not exceed 30 seconds in length. So you have to be very cautious with the way you are going to present the idea to the audience. Hence the importance of having the services of video production of advertising videos of an expert agency in the sector.

The impact of advertising spots

Maybe you know, but this audiovisual resource is one of the most used by brands to reach the largest number of people in a clear, short and concise way.

Yes, the spot is one of the main tools of an advertising campaign , which although popular television today can also be displayed on different Internet platforms such as YouTube , Instagram , Facebook , advertisements, etc .

Each one of these means of communication allows to highlight the message of the spots, even help to create a good image of the product or service offered by the brand. Did you see how useful these tools are?

The 3 stages of an advertisement

Well, we hope that with all this you have been able to verify for yourself a little what are the different phases that entail an advertising spot, and you can thus have a more specific vision of these.

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