There are various skill-based games that people love to play in India. But often they mistake game of skills with a game of chance. It is extremely essential for people to learn the difference the two. Any game is a game of skill when SKILL’s role is more than CHANCE. In these games, a player’s luck doesn’t determine whether he would win or lose.

Online Ludo Game – Is it Skill- Based?

Yes, Ludo is very much a game of skill. I can say this utmost sec because a player’s observational and strategical skills determine a winner in it. Any player who utilizes proper strategies can easily win against his./her opponent.

Rolling of dice is what depends on luck up to a certain extent. But then again it depends on the player that how he or she utilizes that dice number into the game. One of the most successful tricks of winning the game is – giving equal attention to all 4 tokens.

If you keep making them move from time to time, no one can stop you from winning.

Winning Requires Skill

Any player’s ludo skills come to a test when one number can affect two of his tokens. The decision-making skills of a player play a huge role in making him or her win. If a certain number on the dice can take one token home and another token can kill the opponent, always choose the one going home.
Moving your token into the home area before the opponent will reduce his/her morale.

Therefore, your strategic skills need to be on point. Perfect timing and consistent token movement are the ultimate keys to winning Ludo.

ludo board game

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Token Position Matters

It is necessary for each Ludo player to position his/her tokens behind the opponent’s tokens. If your tokens by any chance are in front of your opponent’s there are higher chances of you getting killed.

This is why moving all 4 tokens is necessary. When all of your tokens are out in the play, at least one token will help you in moving forward.

Don’t Miss any Chance of Killing your Opponent

Consistently observing your opponent’s movements is also one of the ways of winning Ludo. Whenever you get a chance to kill your opponent’s token, kill it. Showing mercy won’t be helpful because your opponent won’t do the same.

 I hope you will make use of these tricks the next time you play Ludo. With real money games becoming a favorite, Ludo too has joined the league. You can now play your favorite game for money and increase your chances of winning.