Mailbox contains all the data of a user profile in Exchange Database. To prevent the database from corruption, admins use methods to compress database or move the mailbox to a different database. This clears the space in the database and makes it available for further items. However, if the data cannot be compressed more than the defined limit then the mailbox is to be moved to a different database or server.

The need to create a mailbox in the database arises if the user’s mailbox is deleted. Sometimes, the user transfers all the mailbox or a specific user’s database that might be suspect of corruption. Here we will discuss how to transfer the database from Exchange to the server and how a mailbox can be created in Exchange 2016. It’s not only the corruption or loss of data, But Administrators can also move or recreate mailbox to maintain it in a healthy state.

There two methods to move mailboxes in Exchange I.e. via Exchange Admin Center (EAC) and the other is Exchange Management PowerShell. Check out the method given below

Migrate Mailbox via Exchange Admin Center

  • Go to Microsoft Exchange Admin Center and then login using username and password to admin account
  • Now click on the Recipients tab and then select mailboxes
  • The list of recipients will be available, now click on the migration tab
  • The migration window will open, now click on the plus (+) icon to expand options
  • Select the option ‘Move to different database’
  • The dialog box will appear to select mailboxes you want to move and click on OK.
  • Browse for the mailbox you want to move and press the Next button
  • The EAC gives option to transfer the mailbox using CSV file. You can create Exchange CSV file of the mailbox and select it to move to a different database or server.
  • In the next step, you will be prompted to a New Batch Migration window
  • Give a name to batch and select among three different options
  • Primary mailbox and the archive mailbox, Only primary mailbox  and Only Archive mailbox
  • Now select the location of the folder in which you want to move Exchange and press next
  • Select the account which will be notified for migration
  • Select ‘Automatically start/ complete batch migration’ option to start and complete migration
  • Click on new and it will be moved to migration category
  • Click on the ‘View Details’ option to know the status of moving the mailbox to another database
  • The migration status will be displayed completed after it is successfully moved.

This way you can move user mailbox to a different database through Exchange Admin Center

Create Mailbox in Exchange

Exchange Database is not immune to corruption and there may be chances when the database gets damaged. If the mailbox is deleted, or you want to upgrade to another version of Exchange, and related problems require the creation of mailbox

  • The first step is to disable the mailbox which is to be re-created. This can be done by the following command
  • Disable-Mailbox “<mailbox-name>”
  • Now move to Exchange Admin Center (EAC) and click on recipients tab
  • After that click on mailboxes tab and available mailbox will appear
  • Click on (+) icon and select the option ‘User mailbox’
  • A window for new user mailbox will open
  • Now, enter the user details, organization name, login name (username) and other details
  • Click on More options link to expand the form, click on the Browse button to select database where you want to create the mailbox
  • Click on Save. Select the account in the next windows and click on OK.
  • The mailbox will get connect to Active directory making it usable

Thus you can simply move the mailbox and create a new one in Exchange Database manually using Exchange Admin Center (Console).