Most Common Problem-Faced by Animators

Most Common Problem-Faced by Animators


Animation is one of the most interesting forms of capturing the attention of the target audience. The motion graphics and the appealing framework together helps marketers to boost the effectiveness of their creation. With animation booming the marketing industry, many new advancements surfaced which put immense pressure upon the animators to create compelling videos. The appeal present within animated videos clearly shows the amount of time and efforts invested in making such a piece of creativity.

Let’s take a step closer to learn about the common troubles video animators face during the video production. Read on!

Creative Block

The first problem that many have encountered is a creative block. It was considered that only writers can come across such a situation where the no longer get any inspiration or motivation to create something. However, if you ponder on the work of the animators you will get a number of situations where the animators get stuck to create anything new. From choosing the right way to reflect, the emotion of adding a creative flair within the production everything gets stuck. Animators have to walk extra miles to add the brand voice, interact with customers and to infuse an engaging touch in their videos. They do not have a single project to work. Instead, they are consumed with a lot of different projects having distinctive needs and issues.

Selection of Right Animation Type

There are slight differences in the purpose each of the animation types serves. If they are planning to make an explainer video and they can get stuck with choosing the most appropriate type of animation to perform the task. For instance, the 3D animated video takes a lot of time in getting completed but they are super effective as they immerse the attention of viewers. On the other hand, if you ponder on 2D animation, you will find a lot of similarity with the 3D model when it comes to appealing. Likewise, whiteboard animation serves a different sort of effectiveness and purpose. So the decision haunts to select the best type of project.


One of the biggest trouble is characterization in animation. You have to sketch a compelling character for the brand or the plot. Each character must be different and has a unique touch of creativity. Most importantly, they must reflect the brand identity. From their speech delivery style to gestures, things must be uniform.

Expressions and Emotions

Making a character close to realism is a tough act. You have to observe real-life characters and seek inspiration from your surroundings. This troubles animator, as they have to invest a lot of time adding emotions and expressions in their characters. From the gestures to postures, everything must be properly created to showcase realism. The way they bend to the way they respond to a certain happening, in video animation, animators have to be very conscious of minute details. Adding detailing is the prime technique to make a video captivating. They have to make sure that the character does not conflict the principles of science and physics. They have to keep an edge with everything.


Many novice animators find difficulty in distributing their character’s activity in different frames. They find it hard to divide them into different segments and work on them individually. The frames have to be given certain duration to appear a slight delay in the timing can spoil the entire flow of the video. So, animators have to be very skeptical when it comes to adjusting the time of the video. They have to invest individual time and attention to each of the frames and make sure that they look and perform perfectly.

Quality and Deadlines

Quality and deadlines go hand in hand in the life of an animator. The experts can adjust quality and deal with the running hands of the clock proficiently while the novice artist finds it incredibly challenging to complete the project right on time while delivering exceptional quality. They have to make sure that every area of the animation loos flawless while being extra appealing. Animated video doesn’t merrily revolve around animation. Background theme, color voice over and content to play an equal role. Therefore, they have to step out of their comfort zone and make sure that it looks successful throughout the duration.

In the quest to restore perfection, animators use tools and professional software, here another sort of trouble knocks their door. The question as to which tool will fit it perfectly. That’s the life of an animator so full of competition and so full of challenges.  

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