Paul Allen

Microsoft Co-Founder, Billionaire Investor, and Philanthropist, Paul Allen Died at 65


The Co-founder of Microsoft Tech Company, Paul Allen dies from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma on 15th October 2018. Allen was a larger-than-life figure in Seattle, where he was known for his philanthropic work. He owned the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers.

His net worth is $21.7 billion and was ranked on 44th position on Forbes list of Billionaires. On social media, people are paying homage to this tech genius.

He was the good friend of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Allen and Gates met while attending private school in Seattle and they dropped out of college to create a company they called Microsoft.

In the early years of Microsoft, he was the main driving force with the company with its co-founder, Bill Gates, as the personal computer was moving from the curiosity to mainstream technology, used in the home as well as business fields.

Journey in the Microsoft Company

When the company was founded, in 1975, the machines were known as microcomputers. It was Paul Allen who came with the name Microsoft, an abbreviation for a company that made software for small computers.

Gates and Allen, both were coders. But Allen emerged as creative dreamer and Gates as a pragmatist.

In 2011 interview, Allen said “he and Gates would actually dive in the dumpsters to find the secret inner code of operating system and try to figure out how it worked. That how passionate we were at that time”.

In the initial years when Microsoft Company was developing, they had initial success with the programming language MS-Basic.

In the year 1980, IBM asked them to write the operating system and then the revolution of personal computers began. They made billions of dollars in this company.

But later, Allen was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and he left the Microsoft Company in 1983.
At that time, he got to hold onto all his shares. After the company went public, Allen became one of the richest men on earth with an estimated worth of $40 billion.

Philanthropic Work

Paul Allen was also known for his charity work. He was also a commercial space visionary, financing the $10 million for the spacecraft designer who built SpaceShipOne. It was used to carry test pilot out of the atmosphere and into space into 2004.

He also founded the Allen Institute of Brain Science in 2003 and invested $500 million into the non-profit that aims to give scientists tool and data they required to probe how the brain works.

Microsoft has launched so many different products that ruled over the market for years and one of them was Microsoft Dynamics 365 which is still the most used software all over the world.

Back in 2012, Allen was giving an interview with Forbes, he talked about plans for his financial legacy after his death and he said a large part of it would be allocated to philanthropy work for the future.