Manufacturing machine learning – Transforms the future of manufacturing

Manufacturing machine learning – Transforms the future of manufacturing

Manufacturing process can become really expensive and time consuming for companies without the use of the right tools and techniques for developing the products. Machine learning is widely accepted by companies nowadays in the process of manufacturing and assembling the products. The best use of this technology help to reduce the cost and length of manufacturing. The practice of ML (machine learning) makes the process to call smart manufacturing where robots handle the process with surgical precision. Here are some of the benefits of using ML in manufacturing.

Increases in productivity

It is found that productivity is increased by 30% with the use of manufacturing machine learning solutions. It is certainly a good idea to optimize the operations with ML to reduce human participation, increase productivity and reduce scrap rates. The technology helps the company to streamline the manufacturing workflows to reduce testing costs. The equipment associated with ML reduces the maintenance cost by 10%, inspection cost by 25% and downtime by 20%. Almost all most of the companies who make use of ML have come with good news in the increase in productivity and decrease in cost.

Quality control and OEE

ML plays a crucial role in quality control and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). ML technology check for the availability, quality, and performance of the assembly equipment which are integrated with deep-learning neural networks. These networks learn the drawbacks and weakness of these machines quickly and to minimize them to make sure that everything goes smoothly.  Since the perfection of the manufacturing is measured and monitored at different levels, it makes the company free from making use of costly testing methods.

Betterment of supply chain

ML solutions for manufacturing plays an important role in increasing the values of the company by bettering the logistical solutions that include asset management, inventory management, and supply chain management. The solutions come with the successful and superb combination of AI (artificial intelligence) with IoT (internet of things) to attain high-level supply chain operation. The perfect mix of these technologies helps the companies to automate most of the processes to decrease human interference to increase the accuracy and productivity of most of the operations.

Better control

Machine learning in manufacturing process provides better management of the entire process to the concerned departments. The solution monitors each and every step in important areas including manufacturing, packing, and delivery. Since the machines work with artificial intelligence, the process is made completely free from the usual mistakes and they never get bored with the same and repeated assembling process. The reports can be instantly generated to evaluate the percentage of accuracy and growth in the entire manufacturing process cycle.

More stats

As per recent reports, good numbers of manufactures will make use of ML solutions and analytics. The use of right solutions improves predictive maintenance and it is expected to grow by 30% in the coming years. The reports also state that supply chain forecasting errors can be reduced by 50% and lost sales by 65% with the use of ML in manufacturing. There are several reputed machine learning companies in manufacturing in the country to provide your company with robust ML solutions at affordable packages.