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Make Your Online Hotel Booking Engine Appear At The Front Line


Got your online hotel booking engine designed? Thinking about what’s next? Well, getting a hotel booking engine designed is just the starting point, there is a lot to do to become a prominent hotel booking engine on the internet. The very next step is to optimize your hotel website to make it appear at the top of the SERP, increasing its visibility. So, how are you going to do that? To help you with this, we have prepared by a guide, following this guide will help your booking engine show up at the front line of the competition.

  1. User-friendly Infrastructure:

A user-friendly infrastructure is a basic requirement. A complex website will not bring traffic to your hotel website and the traffic that is generated will not give you any customers. Google consider this the most important factor and ranks websites based on how user-friendly the interface is. Introduce convenience in the lives of your customers and give them a reason to stay loyal to you.

  1. Mobile Friendly Hotel we design:

In today’s world, neglecting the mobile users is not a very smart move. As the number of mobile users is increasing with every passing day, it is best to design a mobile-friendly hotel we design to satisfy the mobile searchers. The booking engine must be compatible with the smartphones and it must be fast. The impatient smartphone users want convenience and speed when using a booking engine. You can either design a mobile-friendly website or go with the responsive web design.

  1. Quality Content:

“Content is the king”. Be that visual or words, the right content can do wonders for your business. Make sure that your hotel website has quality content on it as even search engine ranking depends significantly on the type of quality. The images and videos must be relevant to your hotel and they must be very engaging.

  1. Stay Active on Social Media:

Social media is a perfect way to target 20% of the world’s population. Make pages, profiles, and accounts on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even SnapChat. Social media is a great source of website traffic if you include your hotel’s website on it. A significant number of customers come from social media.

  1. Link From Social Media Accounts:

Social media is the biggest and the most cost-effective digital marketing platform and that is why hoteliers must make sure that they have a strong presence on social media. All your social media accounts must provide links to your hotel website, this is a great way to increase the traffic on a website.

  1. Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews are a major driving force in booking rates on an online hotel booking engine. Always ask your customers to post reviews of the services and your hotel so that the online surfers have something to rely upon. Customer reviews work as social proof for the web surfers. Be that good or bad, customer reviews help in boosting the sales stats of any business including the hotel businesses.

  1. Promotions and Special Offers:

Special offers and promotions can increase the traffic and customers on a hotel website. Discounted packages and special offers attract a lot of audiences. Around 45% of the online bookers abandon their bookings thinking that they are not getting a good value for the money they are paying. Therefore, provide discount packages and offers to bring in more online customers.

  1. Hotel Listings and Online Citations:

Claim all your online listings and citations. Make sure that the names are spelled correctly and the address is accurate. This is an important aspect, negligence in this matter can end up in hotel web duplication thus a reduction in the traffic on your website. For free listings, make Google My Business profile.

These are the most important tips that will help increase traffic on your online hotel booking engine. Follow these tips to appear at the front line of the competition and leave your competitors behind. Be visible to your potential customers. Do not let your competition take away your limelight and your customers, and provide your customers a reason to stay loyal to you. Your negligence might be depriving you of great revenues and profits.

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