A lot of embroidery machines come preloaded with designs for you to utilize. But what really happens if you like something different? That’s where embroidery design websites come in. They provide a plethora of designs for all types of embroidery projects.

Such designs are downloadable in forms for about all embroidery machines. Often, they are accompanied by complete instructions. If not, you will find helpful videos and tips on the website.

In this post, we will present some of the different embroidery designs and formats available:

Different Types of Embroidery Designs

This short guide to various embroidery designs strives to help you pick the project you like to work on:


  • Switch ‘n Turn


These types of projects are stitched in the hoop. Once removed, they need stuffing or some hand stitching. A good example of this is an embroidered doll or stuffed toy.


  • In Hoop Designs


These type of designs are normally stitched, as the name indicates, ‘inside the hoop.’ You could make bags, zippered pouches, key fobs, and coasters.


  • Redwork, Linework and Quilting Designs


Quilting designs normally boast an outline in a single color, making the embroidery design. They could be sewn on one layer of fabric or sewn through the layers of the quilt patch.

On the other hand, redwork and linework are very much the same as quilting. However, they have more than one color on the design.


  • Freestanding Lace Designs


These embroidery designs utilize a wash way stabilize which the design is sewn into. When it’s done, the stabilizer is washed away, and the thread of the design keep intact. This method could also be mixed with applique to offer it a more stable structure.

You could make ornaments, jewelry, flowers, and baskets using such designs.


  • Applique Embroidery Designs


This involved edging a material shape along with a decorative stitch. It could be zigzag stitch, satin stitch or another decorative stitch. Such stitches anchor the shapes on the fabric, making the design.

It could be done in two forms. The first is pre-applique, where the shapes are cut, put on the background fabric and stitched. The second is trim-in-place, where the fabric is sewn on then cut.

Such designs might include things like butterflies, birds, mushrooms, balloons, and more. You can search for the word applique in the design.


  • Classic Embroidery Designs


A classic design involves different types of stitching. It normally presents an outline filled with tatami stitching. That could be something like a clown, Christmas tree, or animal, to name a few.

Another classic design is something like letters done in satin stitch. You will find other conventional stitches utilized in those designs. These include candlewicking stitch, stem stitch, cross stitch, and other decorative stitches.

Embroidery Design Formats

When downloading a design, ensure you utilize the correct format. Otherwise, your design won’t work. Most sites enable you to down in several formats like XXX, JAN, JEF, EXP, VP3, VIP, EMB, DST, ART, PES, and HUS. So, if you get it wrong, you could down again and fix it.